Why Use A Bcs Tractor?

Are BCS tractors any good?

The BCS is a great option for somebody who doesn’t have the resources to purchase a large tractor, or somebody who has the need for a number of specialty attachments. It’s also great exercise because you get to walk along with it. This is really the perfect tool for the small market gardener (or the crazy hobbiest).

What is a BCS tractor?

The BCS tractor is the power source that operates the range of attachments suited to your needs and circumstance. When matching a particular tractor model to a particular set of attachments, BCS considered such factors as engine horsepower, number of working speeds, weight distribution, and balance.

Who makes BCS tractors?

Founded in 1942 near Milan, Italy, BCS sells their equipment in 80 countries and has over 500 dealers in North America. Grillo, from Cesena, Italy, has also been manufacturing walk-behind tractors for over 60 years. Grillo and BCS have worked together in the past, but they currently operate as competitors…

Where are BCS tractors made?

In 1999, the BCS group purchased the Pasquali brand. Pasquali machines work all over the world, with a wide range of motor mowers, two-wheel tractors, and specialized tractors with power up to 100 hp. Headquarters and factories are located at Abbiategrasso.

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What is the best BCS tractor?

As far as BCS tractor models, the minimum tractor we recommend for either attachment is model 739, which has three forward and reverse speeds so you can mow more efficiently. Alternatively, model 749 has larger wheels and engine size, plus individual wheel brakes to assist the maneuverability of the tractor.

How much does a BCS tractor cost?

In the BCS system, the BCS tractor is the power source, which will operate a variety of attachments designed for many different uses around your farm, market garden or homestead. BCS makes three lines of walk-behind tractors: Harvester Series. Model 660 Hydrostatic.

Retail Price
Tractor only (No Wheels) $8500.00

Who makes walk-behind tractors?

Grillo Brand Walk – Behind Tractors Grillo, from Cesena, Italy, has also been manufacturing walk – behind tractors for over 60 years. Grillo and BCS have worked together in the past, but they currently operate as competitors…

What is a walk-behind tractor?

What Is It? As its name states, a walk – behind tractor is a tractor —that is, a power source that can operate multiple implements, just like a four-wheel farm tractor.

Is a walking type tractor?

(iii) Walking tractor (Power tiller): Power tiller is a walking type tractor. On the basis of purpose, wheeled tractor is classified into three groups: (a) General purpose tractor: It is used for major farm operations; such as ploughing, harrowing, sowing, harvesting and transporting work.

What is the meaning of four wheel tractor?

Equal Four Wheel Drive tractors (4WD) have all four tires of equal size and range in size from 25- 450kW. Irrespective of size, these tractors should be ballasted with 60% of the weight distributed over the front axle and 40% over the rear axle.

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What is the use of four wheel tractor?

Four – wheel -drive tractors can be used under many soil conditions that immobilize two- wheel -drive tractors and caterpillars. Because of their complicated construction and consequent high cost, their use has grown rather slowly.

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