Who Made The Mac 4 Pedal Tractor?

Does Ertl still make pedal tractors?

Ertl came out with pedal tractors shortly after Eska and continues to produce them today. Scale Models has also manufactured pedal tractors since the 1980’s in their U.S. based plant in Dyersville Iowa.

How do I identify a pedal car?

Many times hubcaps on pedal cars are long gone by the time we get a call to help identify a pedal car. The easiest way to tell whether you have an AMF or Murray pedal car is to look at the wheels. Murray wheels are easily identifiable because they have 6 tabs, while AMF used wheels that had only 3 slots.

What does Ertl stand for?


Acronym Definition
ERTL Department of Educational Research, Technology, and Leadership (University of Central Florida; College of Eduaction; Orlando, FL)
ERTL Electrochemical Reaction & Technology Laboratory (South Korea)
ERTL Environmental Research and Training Laboratories (University of Kentucky)

Did Ertl go out of business?

In 1999, Ertl was purchased by Racing Champions. Ertl is currently a brand under the RC2 Corporation umbrella.

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How do I know if my pedal car is vintage?

Look at the underside of the pedal car to make sure that it is made of steel. The car will feel solid, and it should have a manufacturing date that matches an actual car that was produced at that time. Collecting vintage pedal cars can be a lot of fun. You can restore them and set them up to display.

What is the rarest pedal car?

Striking 1935 Packard Deluxe pedal car. One of the rarest ped. Lot #5463 Striking 1935 Packard Deluxe pedal car. One of the rarest pedal cars ever produced.

How much do old pedal cars go for?

Pedal Cars

Year Name Grade 6
1960 American National Super Rider Pedal Scooter $400
1956 Army Jeep $345
1930 Auburn Supercharged Pedal Car $1050
1948 Blue Pontiac Pedal Car $280


What scale are Hotwheels cars?

Hot Wheels makes 1:64- scale die-cast imitations of the kind of cars you might see tooling around your neighborhood, if your neighbors are speed freaks, color fiends, and drivers with slight aggression issues.

What was the first John Deere 1/16 toy that the Ertl Company has produced?

Ertl’s sand-cast tractor for Deere and Company was the company’s first boxed toy.

What was the first international tractor Ertl made?

The CaseIH 2594 was offered from 1985-1987. The 2594 was also the first Case International made by Ertl. The 1980’s were a time of transition as major brands merged and Ertl tooled new toys to match the new names. The Case International 7140: The 195 hp 7140 was the truly CaseIH tractor.

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What scale is Ertl?

ERTL ® Toys Scale, How it works 1:16 scale is the old reliable of the die-cast toy line. When Fred Ertl Sr. started creating die-cast toys in his home in 1947 this was the scale that he created. 1:16 scale means that the toy is 1:16th as large as the real machine.

How many inches is 1/64 scale?

From a true size perspective a generic 1:64 scale car is about 3 inches in length (about 7 to 8 centimeters). When looking at a typical Matchbox car, bus, or truck, it can range in actual scale of 1:50 to 1:125, but due to its 3 inch size will be generally marketed as a 1:64 scale vehicle.

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