Where To Get Tractor Beam Galaxy On Fire 2?

What is the best ship in Galaxy on Fire 2?

The Top 10

No. Ship Name Armor
1. Specter 800
2. BloodStar 460
3. Teneta R.E.D. 545
4. VoidX 450

Where are the blueprints in Galaxy on Fire 2?

Unique to Galaxy on Fire 2 are blueprints that produce a more advanced item, usually from common materials. Many can be purchased from dealers in space lounges around the galaxy, but all blueprints significant to the story are received at no cost.

How do you get money fast in gof2?

Looting his ship using EMP weapons and docking to reset allows the player to earn over 550,000 on every run (assuming best price,). This is by far the fasted way to earn money in the game (outside of glitches).

Where is the magnetar juice in Galaxy on Fire 2?

It can be reached by Jumpgates from the Union, Augmenta, V’ikka and Oom’bak systems. The Alcoholic beverage Magnetar Juice is sold here.

How do you get Spectre on Galaxy on Fire 2?

The Specter is available at Katashán Station, in the Paréah System. Originally, the Specter could only be unlocked by completing the Supernova campaign on Extreme difficulty.

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Where can I find Vossk organs?

These can be commonly found in Pan, along with normal Organs. It is a great idea to buy these at Pan and sell them at Loma, however, if you do not have Valkyrie yet, you can still sell them at Thynome.

Will there be a galaxy on fire 4?

Galaxy on Fire 4 or GoF4 is the newest installment in the Galaxy on Fire Series.

Galaxy on Fire 4
Released 12 October 2016
Genre(s) Actiion, Sci-Fi, Shooter
Mode(s) Campaign, Multiplayer
Platform(s) iOS 7.0 or higher Android, latest versions

How do you buy the Kaamo club?

Accessing the Shima System

  1. Lifting the siege – Mkkt Bkkt will ask you to defeat the pirates that are besieging his Kaamo Club space station.
  2. Buy the ” Kaamo Club ” add-on as an in-game purchase – this is the quickest way to get access to Shima and Kaamo Club.
  3. Glitching.

How do you get Voidx in Galaxy on Fire 2?

It is only available for purchase after all gold medals (not including medals for Supernova) have been unlocked. This ship has the closest firing arc out of any ship, with all primary weapons concentrated at the front and center of the ship’s body.

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