What Is The Hourse Power For 1700 Yanmar Tractor?

How many horsepower is a Yanmar 1700?

Yanmar YM1700

Yanmar YM1700 Power
Engine: 17 hp 12.7 kW

Are older Yanmar tractors any good?

They are as reliable as any 25-30 year old tractor can be. Brand-name tractor dealers usually won’t work on them.

How much oil does a Yanmar 1700 hold?

It should be around 5qts for the engine & 4 gallon for the transmission.

Are John Deere and Yanmar tractors the same?

Yanmar built the compact tractors for John Deere for almost 30 years. If you look under the hood of many compact John Deere tractors you fill find a Yanmar diesel engine. After being out of the US tractor market for almost 30 years, Yanmar is now selling tractors in the USA again.

How wide is a Yanmar tractor?

Featured Specs

Model SA221
Overall Length (with 3-Point Hitch) 102.1 (2,594)
Overall Width (with R4 Tires) 47.3 (1,200)
Overall Height (with Roll-Over Protection, and R4 tires) 82.3 (2,090)
Transmission Hydrostatic Transmission


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How much does a Yanmar tractor weight?

Yanmar 324

Dimensions & Tires
Wheelbase: 63 inches 160 cm
Weight: 1715 lbs 777 kg
Full dimensions and tires

Which is better Yanmar or Kubota?

Yanmar tractors are robust and durable equipment that is suitable for a host of agricultural activities. However, Kubota tractors are widely regarded as high-performance, ergonomic machines. Nonetheless, with proper use and adequate maintenance, Kubota and Yanmar tractors can last for up to 20 years.

Is Yanmar tractors any good?

Yanmar has a history of reliability. Parts for most models are not an issue, but some tractors such as the 2200, 2700 and some of the newer models can be difficult to locate parts for. Hoye is an excellent source for parts and you would probably get things overnight to your location if ordered early in the day.

Do Yanmar tractors hold their value?

A 30 year old Yanmar is pretty much done depreciating. Its value will not go much lower. As long as you buy it for a fair price, maintain it properly, and take care of it- you should expect to get nearly the full purchase price when it comes time to sell.

What kind of oil do you put in a Yanmar tractor?

10W30 is a premium, semi-synthetic engine oil recommended to meet the performance of YANMAR tractors.

Is Yanmar cheaper than John Deere?

Yanmar LOOKS comparable to Deere (not sure about performance/durability) at significantly less cost than Deere.

How many hours will a Yanmar tractor diesel last?

Re: Yanmar Diesel Hours, How may is too many? 10,000 hours seems to be the upper limit on most Yanmars. Of course you do have to send the injectors out for recalibration/rebuild about every 2000 hrs. and the Injector pump out at 5000 hrs.

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Does John Deere make their own tractor engines?

Who makes John Deere tractor engines? John Deere now mostly manufactures its own diesel engines, especially for the commercial grade or large agricultural tractors, but it does have a history of out-sourcing. Some of their tractor engines are also manufactured by Kawasaki, Kohler, Yanmar, and Briggs; Stratton (B; S).

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