What Is A Foton Tractor?

How good are Foton Tractors?

So far, the Foton has been a great tractor. This tractor is one of the most reliable, well -built machine in this size. I would absolutely buy another Foton -Lovol, if I could find another one. ”

Where are Foton Tractors made?

This is a list of tractors built in China by Foton Lovol and sold around the world by other companies under their own brands.

Who makes lovol?

Lovol is the largest agricultural equipment manufacturer in China, with yearly production of 100,000 tractors, 50,000 combine harvesters, 120,000 diesel engines and nearly 350,000 sets of axles and transmissions.

Where are EuroLeopard tractors made?

The EuroLeopard 354 tractor is built in China by Foton Lovol. It features a 35 hp (26 kW) engine.

Who made Foton Tractors?

The tractor is made in China. The 60 horse power and up use Perkins diesel engines. Their made by Chinas largest agricultural equipment manufacture.

Where is lovol tractor made?

CMI ( Canada Motor Inc.), a company created in 2004 and located in Quebec, is the exclusive supplier of LOVOL products in Canada. Founded in 1998, LOVOL has grown spectaculary become a world leader in agricultural equipment, construction machinery and other light-duty vehicles.

Are Chinese Tractors any good?

Quality and reliability is relative to price and this is why most Chinese tractors are designed to be simple to service and support. The engines are normally copies of tried proved and tested engines and the transmission, hydraulics and drive train are also often copies of successful tractors.

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Are Apollo tractors any good?

APOLLO tractors are known for their reliability and power and with solid cast iron chassis that are the biggest in their class, they deliver superior power to the ground. APOLLO tractors have excellent maneuverability and provision for standard TPL implement attachments.

Where are Trident tractors made?

We are an Australian owned and operated company based in South Australia offering an extensive range of agricultural tractors, tractor implements & parts. TRIDENT series adopted the heaviest and strongest chassis in the HP range, solid and stable for all small to medium size farming & landscaping work.

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