Readers ask: Where Is The Kids Show Tec The Tractor From?

Where is Tec the Tractor from?

Tec the Tractor is from Wales.

What year was Tec the Tractor made?

Tecwyn y Tractor ( Tec the Tractor in the English version) is a Welsh children’s series created by Apollo and S4C, it was based on the books created by Margiad Roberts, who also did the scripts for the episodes. It first aired on Christmas Day in 1998 on S4C’s morning block, Planed Plant Bach.

Where can I watch Tec the Tractor?

Watch Tec the Tractor Online | Season 0, Ep. 0 on DIRECTV | DIRECTV.

What do the flower colors mean on Baby First TV?

Beyond the consistently bright palettes and upbeat instrumental music found in each video, the only element that unites these shorts is the BabyFirstTV logo, a smiling flower whose petals change color to indicate the types of skills the segment is intended to teach: a yellow flower, for example, signifies a lesson on

Who invented Zumbini?

Created by Zumba and BabyFirst, Zumbini is an early childhood education program for children ages 0-4 and their caregivers.

Who talks for Harry the Bunny?

Gabriella Lewis is a voice actress for BabyFirst TV. She voices Tillie in the show Tillie Knock Knock. She also voices Mom (Joey’s toy box), Lil Vinnie, Bloop (Loop and Bloop), and also does work for number farm, but however, it’s unclear who She does. She also voices the UK version of Harry the Bunny.

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What are the names of the Notekins?

Character Information

Gender: Males
Species: Notekins
Voice: Elizabeth Daily (Daniel), Richard Steven Horvitz (Charlie), Jeff Bennett (Toby), Greg Cipes (Justin), Eric Bauza (Henry), Tara Strong (Alexander), Maria Bamford (Andy)

Who plays Tizzy on squeak?

The 3 Mice are Played by Colin Purves (Tog), Lynn Robertson Bruce (Toot) and Kim Bergsagel ( Tizzy ) and voiced by Current ITV News Narrator Gayanne Potter (Tog), Scottish/English Actress Jo James (Toot) and Muppeteer Colin Purves ( Tizzy ) which then was replaced by Mickey Mouse Club UK CoHost Ian Sexon.

What are the names of the Tick Tock mice?

The show follows three young mice Tizzy, Toot and Tog. They live in the ” Tick Tock Clock”. The show follows them as they go about learning, having fun including singing and games.

What age is Baby First TV for?

BabyFirst TV is the first 24-hour network that creates original programming for babies as young as 6 months old. Yet the endeavor is a controversial one, as the American Academy of Pediatrics doesn’t recommend any television viewing for children younger than 2.

Who made baby first?

Origins. BabyFirst was founded in 2004 by Guy Oranim and Sharon Rechter. The network was launched on 11 May 2006 on DirecTV and made available through EchoStar’s Dish Network in June 2006.

Why is baby first channel in Spanish?

In a nod to the rapidly growing number of Latino infants born in the U.S., the Spanish -language feed of BabyFirst — the pay network devoted to child development programming — has been added to AT&T’s U-verse TV Paquete Español channel lineup.

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