Readers ask: Where Is The Hst Switch Located On The Kubota Bx24 Tractor Loader Backhoe?

Where is PTO switch on Kubota Tractor?

Lift the hydrostatic lever–located below the steering wheel–to set the cruise control. Depress the clutch with your foot. Push forward on the lever below the console, on the left, to shift the power-take-off ( PTO ) into gear. Release the clutch to engage the PTO.

What does HST mean on a Kubota tractor?

HST means the tractor has a hydrostatic transmission- a pedal for forward and reverse.

How many horsepower is a BX24 Kubota Tractor?

What we know about the Kubota BX24 tractor is that it has a 3 cylinder Kubota Diesel Engine that produces 23 horsepower. The picture shown on the left is of model BX24 with loader and backhoe attachments. The BX 24 tractor has a category 1 three point hitch and its pto is rated at 17.7 hp.

How much does a Kubota BX24 weight?

Kubota BX24 Dimensions

Length 95.5 inches* 242 cm
Height 85.4 inches 216 cm
Shiping weight 1542 lbs * 699 kg
2700 lbs * 1224 kg


What is the difference in Kubota tractor models?

Kubota Series Identification The model number starts with a letter, which designates which series the tractor belongs to. X Variations – if any series identifier is followed by an X, it is the smallest tractor in the line. BX tractors are 20hp, LX tractors are 30hp, and MX tractors are 40hp.

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What is the best tractor transmission?

Hydrostatic transmissions use hydraulic fluid to power drive gears and axles. This type of transmission is the most popular among compact tractors particularly thanks to its smooth ride and ease of use.

What are the different series of Kubota tractors?

  • BX1880/BX2380/BX2680. 16.6 – 24.8 HP.
  • BX23S. 21.6 HP.
  • B01 Series. 20.9 – 24.3 HP.
  • LX Series. 24.8 – 30.8 HP.
  • Standard L01 Series. 24.8 – 47.3 HP.
  • Grand L60 Series. 37.0 – 62.0 HP.
  • L60LE Series. An affordable 37.0 – 42.0 HP tractor series packed with deluxe features.
  • MX Series. 55.5 – 63.4 HP.

How much hydraulic fluid does a Kubota BX24 take?

Kubota BX24 Specifications qt, 2.73 Imp. qt.)

How much can a Kubota BX25 lift?

Compare with these similar machines:

BX25 Sub-Compact Tractor/Loader/Backhoe
Fuel Capacity 6.6 Gallons
Transmission HST, High-Low gear shift (2 forward/reverse)
Lift Capacity LA240 Loader – 745 lbs.
Digging Depth BT601 Backhoe – 6’1″


How much does a small Kubota tractor cost?

Depreciation of Kubota Compact and Sub-Compact Tractors

Model Average New Selling Price ($US) Lost to Depreciation
Kubota B2650 HSD $ 23,007 $ 8,668
Kubota BX1870 $ 10,118 $ 4,959
Difference $12,889 $ 3,709

How much does a compact tractor weight?

According to the American Society of Agricultural Engineers, a compact tractor typically weighs 4,000 pounds or less, has a three-point hitch and between 40 and 60 horsepower. Most compact tractors can lift over 2,000 pounds with the loader and are big enough to easily handle hay equipment.

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