Readers ask: When I Tell My Sims To Water Crops With The Tractor He Looks At Tractor And Stops?

Do tractors destroy crops?

Normally there are lines inbetween the rows of crops so they dont crush their crops. Or the equipment that harvests it is in front of the tractor, so it harvests it before they run it over. The harvesters cut the crop ahead of the wheels so you actually harvest before you drive over it.

How do I maintain my tractor in Farming Simulator 2019?

  1. Remote Repairing. To repair a vehicle or a machine, open the owned items screen and select an item you want to repair.
  2. Repairing In The Workshop Behind The Shop. However, you can pay less for repairing by going behind the shop and reaching the zone where you can modify/sell items.
  3. Repairing In Your Own Workshop.

How do you fix Farming Simulator 19?

Repairing in your own workshop Go to Shop -> Placeables -> Miscellaneous -> Vehicle Workshop. This buildings cost $28,000. However, it allows you to repair and modify vehicles in your parcel.

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What does a subsoiler do in Farming Simulator 19?

Subsoilers are new machines introduced in Farming Simulator 19. Their work is similar to ploughing – you can use them for periodical ploughing – but they do not allow planting e.g. potatoes nor for the creation of new fields.

How do you get rid of withered crops in Farming Simulator 2019?

Withered crops will turn grey. If you let your plants stay in the field for too long, they will wither. You can’t do anything with them: the field must be plowed or cultivated and sown.

What happens when you run out of gas in Farming Simulator 19?

All motorized vehicles in FS19 get automatically refueled each time you start the game if they have less than 10% fuel in the tank. This means, you exit and reload your savegame with less than 10% fuel in the tank you get filled up back to those 10%.

Can vehicles break down in FS19?

Idle machines do not degrade at all, no matter how long they remain untouched. Vehicles and non-fieldwork Implements degrade twice as fast when driving on a field.

Where can I customize my car FS19?

Yes, you can have it. And if you want to buy this, you must Go to Shop -> Placeables -> Miscellaneous -> Vehicle Workshop.

How do you service a FS19 trailer?

Rear door must be open to activate service menu. Fuel pump must be started to activate trigger and allow you to fuel any vehicle at the trailer. Trigger markers can be disabled if required, strobe lights can be activated using the ‘beacon key’ and live vehicle data will be shown on laptop computer when in service mode.

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How do you fix Farming Simulator 2019 not opening?

FS19 won’t launch.

  1. Verifying game cache (on every version).
  2. Reinstalling from scratch.
  3. Deleting contents of the “shader_cache” folder.
  4. Removing all mods from the mods folder.
  5. Updating my GPU driver, and rolling back to a few recent ones.

What is the best seeder in Farming Simulator 19?

Best Seeder Mods For Farming Simulator 19 (All Free)

  • M82KR3 Planter Bar.
  • John Deere 8350.
  • Saphir GS 603.
  • Great Plains GP3P1006NT.
  • John Deere DB90 36-Row 30.
  • Classic Row Planter.
  • John Deere 1890 40FT Seeder.
  • Stara Absoluta 44.

Can a subsoiler create fields?

Subsoilers can ‘t create new fields. There’s is none (ingame).

Can you use a subsoiler instead of a Plough?

So basically the subsoiler will remove the “require ploughing “ state the same as a plough would but it leaves a cultivated top. That’s what it does in fs19. In real life a subsoiler is used to break up the soil structure either ready for deep cultivation or to remove a plough or hoeing pan.

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