Readers ask: What Is The Warranty Period On A Tractor Supply Battery?

How long is my battery warranty?

Despite most vehicles being covered for three years or 36,000 miles from the date of purchase under the ‘bumper-to-bumper’ warranty, batteries are consumable items and typically have a full warranty of only two years or 24,000 miles, after which converting to a prorated warranty or none at all.

Can you return a battery to Tractor Supply?

We can ‘t wait to see you! Take your purchase back to any Tractor Supply store for an immediate refund or exchange it for something else within 30 days of your original purchase. Please bring your order confirmation and valid I.D. to accurately refund your original purchase price.

How long is Exide battery warranty?

The label on every Exide battery specifies the total number of months covered by the free replacement period and the Pro-Rata period for batteries fitted in private cars, multi-utility vehicles, two-wheelers, inverters, gensets and solar applications. i. For commercial and metered taxis the warranty is 12 months.

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Does Tractor Supply have a 30 day price guarantee?

Tractor Supply will match any competitor’s online or in-store price on any identical item, except the following: Products shipped from or sold by third-party or Marketplace sellers on websites (Examples: eBay, Amazon Marketplace)

Is battery covered under GMC warranty?

The battery that comes with a GM vehicle or is replaced under warranty is covered by the limited warranty of three years or 36,000 miles (48 months/4 years or 50,000 miles, whichever comes first, for Cadillac, Buick and HUMMER) and should be taken back to the GM dealership.

How do I check my battery warranty?

Register your Exide Battery /HUPS online and view your Battery /HUPS warranty details anytime, anywhere!

  1. Register Your Battery.
  2. Register Your Home UPS.
  3. View Registered Batteries /HUPS.

Can you return baby ducks to Tractor Supply?

Tractor Supply Company, TSC, treats baby chicks and ducks as they would any other piece of merchandise they sell.

How many days do you have to return something to Tractor Supply?

All retail orders MUST be returned within 30 days from the purchase date for a full product credit. All orders over 30 days will not be returned or credited to the purchaser.

What can you do with old tractor batteries?

Your lawn tractor battery is probably a lead-acid battery, like the type found in a car. Take the battery to a hazardous waste disposal facility, or bring it back to your retailer for recycling/disposal.

How do I know if my car battery is weak?

Bad Battery Symptoms If the cranking of the engine is sluggish, like your vehicle is harder to start on cold mornings, it starts inconsistently, or there’s no sound and interior lights when you try to start, suspect a failing battery, a loose or corroded connection or electrical draw.

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How can you tell when a battery was manufactured?

PS, PSH, PSG and PG Series Product Date Codes The first five numeric characters represent the month, day and year of manufacture (MM/DD/Y) • The first two numbers identify the month, from 01 to 12. For example, March is 03 and November is 11.

How can I replace my Exide battery without warranty?

Simply register your battery with us and we’ll do the rest! Paperless experience: You do not need to produce warranty card or cash memo in the event of any warranty claim.

Can you return a dead chick to Tractor Supply?

As a general rule, TSC will work with you if you take home a baby chick that gets sick or dies shortly thereafter. Meaning most managers will refund your money or do an even “ chick exchange ” if a chick croaks.

Will Tractor Supply negotiate?

TSC does offer a price match guarantee. The store managers at tractor supply have zero ability to negotiate prices except in very limited situations.

Can I open carry in Tractor Supply?

Tractor Supply as a company follows any state, county, or city regulations regarding open and/or concealed carry permits for customers. At Tractor Supply Company we take the individual rights, as well as the personal safety of our Team Members very seriously.

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