Readers ask: What Is The Longest Tractor Top Link Available?

How long of a top link do I need?

Your top link should be able to retract about 3″ minimum from it’s current position. So if you want to correct the problems that you currently have as shown, both the top link and the boom’s brace need to be shorter.

What size are category 2 pins?

What are the 3-point hitch categories?

Category Tractor Power Top link pin diameter
Up to 20 HP 5⁄8 in (16 mm)
1 20-45 HP 3⁄4 in (19 mm)
2 40-100 HP 1 in (25 mm)
3 80-225 HP 1 1⁄4 in (32 mm)


What is a hydraulic top link?

Constructed to perform for excellent longevity, this hydraulic top link is a useful agricultural tool that connects to 3-point equipment. It is a category 1 cylinder, compatible with a horsepower range of 25 to 55, and can operate at 3,000 PSI.

What is a floating top link for 3 point hitch?

The floating top link is on the three – point hitch of the utility tractor, which allows the front of the Bush Hog to be raised and lowered to get an even cutting swath. Adjusting the link is done easily and takes about five minutes to do.

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At what angle will a tractor roll over?

A driver who is held in his or her seat in a roll over will be crushed if the tractor rolls 180 degrees or more.

What is a Category 3 tractor?

Category 3 hitches are found on tractors of 80 hp to 225 hp and have top link pins that measure 1-1/4″ and lift arm pins of 1=7/16″. The spacing of the lift arms is about 38″. Category 3 tractors are beyond what most homesteaders will have, but if you do be aware of the the difference between the cat.

What is the difference between a Category 1 and 2 tractor?

Category 1 Hitch For tractors with 20 to 50 horsepower. Category 2 Hitch For tractors with 50 to 90 horsepower. Long days can seem even longer when you aren’t comfortable.

What is the difference between a Class 1 and Class 2 3 point hitch?

The lower lift arms on a 3ph cat 1 are 26″ wide, with the top link being 18 inches above the center line, between the two lower lift arms. The lower lift pins are 7/8″ in diameter, and the top link pin is 3 /4″. The cat 1 hitch is used on tractors from 20-45 hp. A cat 2 hitch is 32″ wide.

How much is a hydraulic top link?

Category 1 Hydraulic Top Link 18 1/8″ – 26 3/8″

Was: $220.99 Details
Price: $204.49
You Save: $16.50 (7%)

What is a top and tilt kit?

The top and tilt kit provides hydraulic cylinders to tilt the rear implement left/right and forward/backward. Allows hydraulic positioning of the rear implement from the operator’s seat using the loader joystick. It is ideal for rear blading applications. For cab and open-station tractors.

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