Readers ask: What Is A Good Ford Tractor For Raking Hay?

What is the best hay tractor?

Hay Tractor Poll

  • John Deere. Votes: 21 50.0%
  • I H. Votes: 2 4.8%
  • Case. Votes: 1 2.4%
  • Ford. Votes: 7 16.7%
  • Case IH. Votes: 3 7.1%
  • New Holland. Votes: 10 23.8%
  • Massey. Votes: 7 16.7%
  • McCormick. Votes: 0 0.0%

How big of a tractor do I need to bale hay?

Most standard square balers on the market require 35 horsepower at your tractor’s PTO, and a minimum tractor weight of around 3000 pounds.

What size tractor do I need to move round bales?

If you want to move 5×5′ round bales, realistically you’re looking at a 5 series tractor. The size also makes them good for working in the woods, as they have great ground clearance and enough mass to remain more stable than some smaller tractors.

Can you bale hay with a Ford 8N?

Go significantly larger or have someone bale for you. 8N is perfect for running an old hay rake.

How many hp tractor do I need to run a round baler?

Round bales are large and heavy, and it takes more of a tractor to put up round bales. You need to research very carefully how big of a tractor you need to drive a round baler. Usually it takes AT LEAST 55 PTO horsepower to run a round baler.

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What is the best round baler to buy?

What is the best round baler for your farm?

  • John Deere 459 Round Baler.
  • John Deere 469 Round Baler.
  • John Deere 559 Round Baler.
  • John Deere 569 Round Baler.
  • John Deere 569 Silage Special Baler.
  • John Deere 854 Silage Baler.
  • John Deere 569 Premium Round Baler.
  • John Deere 469 Premium Round Baler. The next options for Deere round balers are the premium 469 and 569.

How much horsepower do you need to pull a hay rake?

Yes you can mow, rake and tedder hay with 20-25 HP but not bale a large round bale with 20-25 HP. We have drum mowers that work on compact tractors in the 20 HP and above. Rakes that work on 15 HP and above and tedders that work on 15 HP and above.

Is there money in hay?

“If you are getting $125 per ton for quality hay, you are going to see a profit of $51 per ton, or $204 per acre. “The potential is there to make some pretty good money on hay.” Brown says producers could decide to grow higher-quality hay and sell into the dairy or specialty hay markets.

What is the difference between a hay rake and a Tedder?

When to Use. In order to speed the drying time of the hay, tedding is generally done the second day after the hay has been mowed or after a heavy rainfall. Raking, however, is not done until the hay has less than 35 percent to 45 percent moisture content. Raking is usually done right before baling.

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Can a John Deere 3032e lift a round bale?

It will lift them to full height.

How do you feed round bale?

Tips on feeding round bales

  1. Elevate round bales on a gravel surface or wood pallet to allow moisture to drain underneath both where they are fed and stored.
  2. Purchase a feeder designed for horses.
  3. Look for tightly rolled bales.
  4. Store round bales indoors or on an elevated surface covered with tarps.

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