Readers ask: What Does Clutch Alignment Tool Do For A 8n Tractor?

Why do you need a clutch alignment tool?

When installing a clutch it is necessary to align the disc with the flywheel before installing the cover (pressure plate). A clutch alignment tool is a specific tool with splines that match your transmission and a snout that fits in your flywheel. It holds the disc perfectly centered on the flywheel.

What happens if clutch not aligned?

Misalignment also prevents the release bearing from centralizing itself on the cover assembly diaphragm, resulting in clutch shudder, vibration, severe diaphragm finger wear, premature release bearing failure, and severe gearbox input shaft sleeve wear.

Is clutch alignment tool universal?

A clutch alignment tool made of nylon is usually included when you buy a clutch replacement kit. Universal clutch alignment tools are also available at online auto parts stores.

Can you put a clutch in without an alignment tool?

You first need a dowel, piece of steel, socket extension or anything that fits the pilot bushing. Wrap a couple layers of tape around it if you need to. Sometimes just siting down that, through the clutch and disc, is good enough to line it up.

Is it easy to replace clutch?

After that, it’s about as straightforward as a job can be — basically just replace all of your wear parts: flywheel, pressure plate, clutch disc, pilot bearing and throw-out bearing. With new parts, you’ll want to reference a service manual for all of the proper torque figures.

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What side does the clutch go on?

The flush side of the clutch disk goes towards the engine. For 5VZ V6 clutches, the spring side faces the flywheel. And, yes, you can install it backwards the clutch will not release.

Does the flywheel need to be replaced with the clutch?

It is fine to replace your clutch without replacing the flywheel as long as there’s no noticeable damage to the flywheel. It is good preventative maintenance to resurface the flywheel if there is light wear on the flywheel. But overall you do not need to replace the flywheel.

Which way do you install a clutch disc?

pick up the disc with 1 hand by the center. You can only pick it up with one hand on 1 side off the disc. Then, with your 1 hand set the disc on the flywheel. This is the correct orientation of the disc.

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