Readers ask: What Can A Bush Hog On A Compact Tractor Do?

What does a Bush Hog do?

A bush hog is attached to the tractor and towed behind for clearing land (grubbing it) to create a pasture, hay field, home location spot, or garden spot or to tend to established pastures and hay fields. A brush hog cuts in a pattern that is both efficient and will help save both fuel and time.

What size tractor do you need to bush hog?

Silver Member. Your PTO HP should be 5HP per foot ( width ) for things like a finishing mower, rotary cutter, tiller, etc. So for a 7′ bushhog you should look at least 35HP @ the PTO and for a 9′ bushhog you should look at least 45HP @ the PTO. This is just a general rule of thumb.

How much HP does it take to run a bush hog?

The rule of thumb is 5 HP per foot of cutter. Thus a 5 foot bush hog requires 25 HP.

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What is the smallest bush hog?

The smallest I have seen is a 42 inch King Kutter at tractor supply.

Can you bush hog with a finish mower?

Finish Mowers are basically lawn mowers attachments for tractors. If you have an overgrown lawn with lots of tall weeds and small saplings then your best bet would be to use a brush cutter first then use a finish mower to give it that finished look.

Can you bush hog in the rain?

You can bush hog in wet grass but you may not get as good a cut and the trash may not clear as well from under the hog. It will take a lot more power to pull the BH in wet grass though. Cutting brush and other coarse material would not be an issue as I have done that with no problems when raining.

What size tractor do I need for a 10 foot bush hog?

If you want to use a 10 ‘ lift mount mower you’re going to need a really heavy tractor with good front-end ballast. It will need to have a 3pt hitch lift capacity in the several TON range! You’re probably looking at a tractor around 85-90hp. If you want to get a PULL type mower you could probably get by with less.

What size tractor do I need to pull a 10 foot bush hog?

The general rule of thumb is 5hp per foot of cutter but a little more power goes a long way. Based on the limited info on what you are cutting I think you should be looking at 85-100 hp ( engine) tractors, and definitely a 15″ batwing. I think 20’s get to darn big to maneuver.

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How wide should a Bush Hog be?

A 5′ wide will probably work for clipping pastures, mowing tall fescue heads and weeds, but not down in the thick stuff or hay. A 4 ‘ wide would probably be better for lower cuts in thick grass, but I just don’t think it will be heavy duty enough for 5’ tall brush and saplings.

How long does it take to bush hog 1 acre?

If grass up to waist high with my 40 Hp Tractor and a 5′ bush hog I can do an acre in about 35 minutes. I generally to be safe shoot for 100 per acre in tall grass, but with that kind of volume I would feel safe at 80 per acre. That would be right at $16,000.

How much horsepower do I need for a 15 foot bush hog?

Bush Hog specifies a minimum of 50 HP.

How much horsepower does a 6 foot bush hog need?

The general rule of thumb is 5 PTO hp per foot of rotary cutter. So a 6 footer calls for 30 PTO hp or better.

How much does a 5 ft Bush Hog weigh?


Specification Description
Brand CountyLine
Product Weight 450 lb.
Manufacturer Part Number RC5

How much does a Bush Hog cost?

Should I buy new or used, and what do they cost? The typical lightweight brush hog for a smaller tractor can cost between $2,000 and $4,000. I have always advocated purchasing good used machinery whenever it is available. However, I tend to favor purchasing a new brush hog when you need to get one.

How many horsepower is a 7 foot bush hog?

Question about size of tractor needed to pull 7 ‘ bush hog | Try about 50-60 hp if you plan on doing any work with it.

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