Readers ask: How To Change Tractor Implements?

How does a tractor 3-point hitch work?

Three- point hitches are composed of three movable arms. The two lower arms—the hitch lifting arms—are controlled by the hydraulic system, and provide lifting, lowering, and even tilting to the arms. Each hitch has attachment holes for attaching implements, and the implement has posts that fit through the holes.

What are the categories of 3-point hitch?

What are the 3-point hitch categories?

Category Tractor Power Lift arm pin diameter
1 20-45 HP 7⁄8 in (22 mm)
2 40-100 HP 1 1⁄8 in (29 mm)
3 80-225 HP 1 7⁄16 in (37 mm)
4 More than 180 HP 2 in (51 mm)


What are draft links on a tractor?

Telescoping draft links will reduce the amount of effort to attach three-point hitch implements by allowing the operator to make small adjustments without moving the tractor. For use on cab or open-station tractors equipped with horizontal bar stabilizers.

How do you adjust a 3-point hitch?

How do you attach tractor implements to a 3 – point hitch?

  1. Align the end of the lift arms with the implement pins.
  2. Connect and secure the lift arms and top link to the implement.
  3. Adjust the stabilizers, lift arm angle, and top link length.
  4. Connect PTO shaft (if necessary).

How do you release a PTO shaft?

Try pulling the collar toward the front of the tractor and at the same time pull on the drive shaft. When you get it off you’ll see a groove around the PTO shaft that the ball goes into that locks the shaft in place.

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How do you remove the PTO shaft from a Kubota?

With tractor shut off, reach in under the PTO guard and grab the end of the shaft that slides onto the PTO splines. You should feel a pin sticking out — press the pin in while pulling on the shaft at the same time. The shaft should slide off of the PTO splines.

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