Readers ask: How Can I Tell What Year My Massey Ferguson 1020 Tractor Is?

How do you read a Massey Ferguson serial number?

VIN number on right hand chassis rail. Top line: digits 1 to 9 from the VIN between 2 inverted triangles. Bottom line: digits 10 to 17 between 2 inverted triangles. Prior January 1st 2016, the serial number plate is located just below the rear inspection window, except for the MF5600, 6600, 7600 & 8600 series tractors.

What horsepower is a Massey Ferguson 1020?

It has a 3 cylinder Toyosha diesel engine that produces 21 horsepower and optional two wheel drive and four wheel drive models that weigh up to 2300 pounds. View the Massey Ferguson 1020 specs below. The Massey Ferguson 1020 tractor has a category 1 three point hitch with a claimed pto of 14.5 hp.

How do I find the model of my Massey Ferguson tractor?

How to Locate a Massey Ferguson Tractor Model Number

  1. Locate the model or serial number stamped on a plate on the left or right side of the main frame.
  2. Look through your user manual that came with your tractor to see if the model number is printed on the cover, the first page or the last page.
  3. Take a picture of the tractor.
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What year was the Massey Ferguson 135 manufactured?

Massey Ferguson 135
Type Agricultural, industrial
Manufacturer Massey Ferguson
Production 1964 – 1975
Weight 2,940–3,130 pounds (1,330–1,420 kg)

How do you tell the year of a tractor serial number?

Your owner’s manual contains information on how to locate all the identification numbers. The 8th digit of the tractor identification number corresponds to the tractor’s model year. To determine the model year, locate the 8th digit of your identification number and compare it to the appropriate table below.

How do you read a tractor serial number?

How to read a tractor serial number list: Tractor serial number lists nearly always show the first tractor built in each year. The other tractors for that year will have successively higher numbers. Your serial number should lie between two of the stated numbers.

How much does a Massey Ferguson 1020 weigh?

Two-post ROPS. Massey Ferguson 1020.

Dimensions & Tires
Gear Wheelbase: 56.7 inches 144 cm
Weight: 1896 to 2723 pounds
Front tire: 4.00×12
2WD Rear tire: 8.3×24

How many horsepower is a Massey Ferguson 1010?

Massey Ferguson 1010

Massey Ferguson 1010 Power
Engine: 16 hp 11.9 kW
PTO (claimed): 13 hp 9.7 kW (gear)
12 hp 8.9 kW (hydro)

What color is a Massey Ferguson tractor?

A truly classic colour used on Massey Ferguson tractors from the 1950’s. Paintman Paint Massey Ferguson Tractor Red is a traditional synthetic coach enamel.

How can you tell how old a Ferguson tractor is?

Locate the serial number by checking the lower left-hand side and lower right-hand side of the steering wheel panel. In addition, certain older Ferguson tractors have the serial number stamped to a plate mounted to one of these areas of the steering wheel panel.

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How do I find the model of my tractor?

Where to Locate Your Model. When sitting on the tractor the product identification label can be found on the lower right-hand side of the hood.

What is the most reliable tractor brand?

Let’s have a look at the top 5 most reliable tractor brands on the market.

  • Fendt Tractors (Germany)
  • Massey Ferguson Tractors (United States)
  • Case IH Tractors (United States)
  • John Deere Tractors (United States)
  • Claas Tractors (Germany)

What engines do Massey Ferguson use?

Massey Ferguson is one of the most well-known names in the agricultural industry. Delivering products for over 160 years, Massey Ferguson is a renowed name in the industry. A number of Massey Ferguson tractors and compact tractors are powered with a Mitsubishi engine.

What is the number one selling tractor?

1. John Deere. Known all over the world, the John Deere brand is the most valued and sought-after tractor manufacturer in the world. John Deere is a brand of agricultural machinery produced by the American company Deere & Company.

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