Quick Answer: What Was The Tractor The Bob Semple Was Built On?

When was the Bob Semple tank made?

Upon his release in September 1917, Semple toured the coalfields and was very well received.

How many Bob Semple tanks were made?

Bob Semple Tank. The Bob Semple tank was an armored RD8 Caterpiller tractor, which made it heavy at 25.4 tons, and slow with a speed of around 7.5 miles per hour. A crew of six included a commander, driver and four machine gunners. Only three of the tanks were ever produced, each containing six.

How bad was the Bob Semple tank?

The Bob Semple tank was almost useless against an enemy using any kind of firearms or explosives. Offensive use was not possible,any ancient warrior could easily outrun the crappy thing.

Is the Bob Semple tank in War Thunder?

It’s the Bob Semple Tank. Five machine guns, able to cover the Bob Semple tank from all sides with protective fire! User-made vehicle. Six crew members, providing great gunner crew replacement capabilities in battles.

Who destroyed the most tanks in WW2?

Top tank ace in history Advancing from loader to gunner to commander in Panzer IVs, Tigers, and Tiger IIs on the Russian front and in Normandy, Hungary, and Moravia, Knispel was officially credited with 168 Allied tanks destroyed —including a T-34 hit at almost two miles away—more tanks than any other tanker ever.

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What is the most worst tank in the world?

Valiant tank

Tank, Infantry, Valiant (A38)
Mass 27 t
Length 17 ft 9 in (5.4 m)
Width 9 ft 3 in (2.8 m)
Height 7 ft (2.1 m)


Who has the best tanks in the world?

The world’s top 10 main battle tanks

  • Leopard 2A7+, Germany.
  • Abrams M1A2, United States of America.
  • T-14 Armata, Russia.
  • Challenger 2, United Kingdom.
  • K2 Black Panther, South Korea.
  • Merkava Mk.
  • Type 10 (TK-X), Japan.
  • Leclerc, France.

What was the best tank in WW2?

Ranking The 10 Best Tanks Of WWII

  • 8 Stug III.
  • 7 T-34 /85.
  • 6 M4A3 Sherman “Easy 8”
  • 5 Panzer V Panther.
  • 4 Comet Cruiser Tank.
  • 3 Tiger I.
  • 2 IS-2 Heavy Tank.
  • 1 Tiger II/King Tiger.

What was the worst Soviet tank in WW2?

The worst Soviet tanks of WWII

  • T-26. Public domain. Over 10,000 T-26 light tanks faced the advancing German army in June 1941.
  • T-60. Alexander Gribovsky/TASS. Unlike the outdated T-26, the T-60 was one of the USSR’s newest tanks at the beginning of the German invasion.
  • -35. Public domain.

Does New Zealand have tanks?

Throughout this period the Army has primarily been a light infantry force, but New Zealand did design its own tanks such as the Schofield tank named after its designer, and the Bob Semple tank designed by New Zealand Minister of Works Bob Semple during World War II.

Is 7 heavy tank?

The IS – 7 heavy tank, also known by its project name Object 260, is a Soviet tank that began development in 1945.

IS – 7
No. built 6 (prototypes)
Mass 68 t (67 long tons; 75 short tons)
Shell weight ~33 kilograms (73 lb) (shell only)
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