Quick Answer: How Much For A Brake Job On A Tractor Trailer?

How much does it cost to do a brake job on a semi truck?

From the places I talked to anywhere from $800 – $1400. Had one shop tell me it was a 3 hr job for them and another was a 6 hr job. Always amazed at the variances from one shop to another. The $800 would be correct for a truck with outboard drums.

How much does it cost to replace trailer brakes?

Brake Controller Cost Examples (Parts Only)

Installation Steps Actions Cost
Total Cost for Vehicle-Installed brake $710
Elecbrakes Elecbrakes electric brake controller w/ leader $699
Elecbrakes + Installation on trailer by auto electrician $100
Total Cost for Elecbrakes $799


How long does it take to do a brake job on a semi truck?

When it comes to your heavy-dutytruck, a brake pad replacement is unlikely to take more than 1 or 2 hours.

How much does a typical brake job cost?

A complete brake repair — one that includes pads, rotor and caliper replacement — typically averages between $300 and $800. However, depending on the make and model of your vehicle, you can easily spend more than $1,000 on a complete brake job.

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Should you replace all 4 brake pads at once?

But, when changing brake pads, should you do all four at once? Well, first, you absolutely should replace both front or both rear brake pads at the same time. Unless something’s really wrong, one should be wearing out at about the same rate as the other.

Is it worth getting brakes done at the dealership?

Brake repairs at a dealership may cost a little more than other places because the dealer uses factory provided parts, which may cost more, and their labor usually bills out a little higher than independent shops due to the training and certifications required to work for a franchised dealer.

How many miles do trailer brakes last?

How often should trailer brakes be adjusted? Trailer brakes should be adjusted every 3,000 miles. Depending on how often you tow your trailer, this translates to about once every 3 months.

How long should electric trailer brakes last?

A good safety rule is to check your brakes every time you head out, and certainly to replace them no less often than you replace your tires. I suggest no more than 12 months or 12,000 miles between changing brake parts that can wear.

Do electric trailer brakes work without a controller?

The answer is, no. Electric trailer brakes do not work without a brake controller. If your trailer is equipped with electric brakes, you will need a brake controller to tow. These are a hydraulic braking system that uses the trailer’s own weight and momentum to actuate the brakes.

When should semi truck brakes be replaced?

Signs That Your Truck Needs Brake Maintenance In general, brake pads need replacing every 50,000 miles.

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Does Walmart do brake work?

Walmart Auto Care Centers don’t offer brake services, meaning its centers will not repair or replace brakes or brake pads. Walmart’s website explains that its Auto Care Centers only offer basic auto maintenance services like oil changes, tire rotations, and battery services.

How much does Midas charge for a brake job?

Midas: Midas charges roughly $80 per hour for labor costs when working on brakes. They charge about $50 for a brake drum package, $60 to replace brake fluid, and upwards of $800 for a complete caliper and rotor job.

How much does Pepboys charge for brakes?

Pep Boys Complete

Type of Pads Warranty Price per Axle
Standard 18 month / 18,000 mile $210
Platinum 24 month / 24,000 mile $260
Ceramic 30 month / 30,000 mile $280
Akebono Ceramic 30 month / 30,000 mile $300

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