Quick Answer: How Did Robert Tractor Traylor Die?

What happened to Robert Traylor?

Death. On May 11, 2011, Traylor was found dead at his apartment in Isla Verde, Puerto Rico, of an apparent heart attack.

How did the tractor trailer die?

Tragic Death. Traylor was found dead in his apartment earlier today, located in Isla Verde, Puerto Rico. The 34-year-old forward reportedly suffered a massive heart attack.

How old is Quasand Lewis?

The 48-year old Lewis was Michigan’s biggest wholesale marijuana dealer of the early 2000s.

How many cars have fallen off the Chesapeake Bay Bridge?

Since the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel opened in 1964, at least 15 vehicles have fallen off of the bridge, resulting 18 fatalities.

How many cars have gone off the Bay Bridge?

The Chesapeake Bay Bridge -Tunnel was opened to traffic April 15, 1964, and connects Virginia’s Eastern Shore and Hampton Roads. From that point to 2018, 15 vehicles had gone through the rails and over the edge.

Has anyone driven off the Bay Bridge?

Tahir Fakhar died on November 9, 2009 at 3:30 a.m. when his tractor-trailer rig went off the “S” curve on the Oakland -San Francisco Bay Bridge and plunged 200 feet to Yerba Buena Island below.

Who was the biggest drug dealer in Detroit?

Black Mafia Family boss Demetrius (Big Meech) Flenory, born and raised in Detroit and America’s most notorious dope boss of the last three decades, is alleged to have taken his nickname from Demetrius Holloway, who was the king of the coke game in Motown during the late 1980s.

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