Question: Where Is The Tractor Fireplace?

Does Tractor Supply sell fireplaces?

Freestanding Fireplaces at Tractor Supply Co.

Does Tractor Supply have fire logs?

Duraflame 6Pk 4.5 lb. Firelogs, 3 hr., 6405 at Tractor Supply Co.

How do I find out what brand my fireplace is?

Each fireplace and insert has a rating plate which contains your model number and serial number. Gas and wood burning fireplaces have a rating plate in the control compartment area, under the smoke shield or on the firebox side column.

Who makes Duluth forge fireplaces?

Factory Buys Direct provides the ultimate product experience by putting an equal amount of focus on the product’s beauty and functionality. In order to fulfill and carry out this goal, the company has created its very own brand called Duluth Forge.

Does Walmart sell fire logs?

America’s # 1 firelog brand. Specifications.

Capacity 6 lb (2.72 kg)
Product Name duraflame® 6lb 4-hr Firelogs
Condition New
Depth 4.30
Units Per Consumer Unit 1


Does Tractor Supply have wood?

Shop for Woods At Tractor Supply Co.

How long do wood fuel blocks burn?


Specification Description
Application/Use Wood fuel for home heating in wood stoves and fireplaces or outdoor living use in fire pits, campfires, and cooking.
Ash Percentage N/A
Blower Type None
Burn Time 3 hr.
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How do I know if my fireplace is wood or gas?

If your fireplace has ceramic logs in the firebox, it burns gas! There should be valves, a gas connection, an ignitor, a control knob, and maybe even a remote control. It’s important to figure out quickly whether your gas fireplace is vented or vent-free.

How do I know if my fireplace has zero clearance?

The most obvious way of identifying a zero clearance fireplace is the existence of black metal, either exposed on the face or inside the firebox (Fig. #6). Some fireplace manufacturers are doing a better job of hiding the metal and making fireplaces that look more like masonry (Fig. #7).

How do I know if my fireplace is ventless?

Follow the gas line from beneath the logs to where it disappears in the wall or floor. If the gas is merely contained by a simple gas line, then the logs are vent free. If there is a small cylinder attached to the gas line, then the logs are vent-free.

What is the best ventless gas fireplace?

Best Ventless Gas Log Sets

  • Peterson Real Fyre Live Oak.
  • Rasmussen Evening Embers.
  • White Mountain Hearth by Empire Sassafras.
  • White Mountain Hearth by Empire Flint Hill.
  • Peterson Real Fyre Evening Fyre Charred See-Thru.

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