Question: Where Can I Buy A Farmall Cub Tractor With Belly Mower?

How much does a Farmall Cub cost?

I know its hard to tell what one’s worth without pictures but if you guy’s can give me a general idea of what a running ’48 Farmall Cub is worth I would appreciate the help and advice. Most folks around here ask $2000-2500 for a Cub, pretty much regardless of condition.

What is a 1948 Farmall Cub worth?

2ND 1948 CUB IS IT WORTH $900.

How many horsepower is a Farmall Cub?

Farmall Cub

Farmall Cub Power
Drawbar (claimed): 10 hp 7.5 kW
PTO (claimed): 11 hp 8.2 kW
Belt (claimed): 9.76 hp 7.3 kW
Plows: 1 (12 inch)

How fast does a Farmall Cub go?

It’ll take about 2400 RPM to get you over 10 MPH. That shouldn’t hurt the Cub engine any, 184s hold up just fine running that way.

What was the Farmall Cub used for?

The Cub was billed as the perfect machine for the small farmer, and a “chore boy” for the larger farmer. It had a 69-inch wheelbase, using a 4-cylinder gasoline engine. At 1600 RPM, it produced about 8 Horsepower at the drawbar, well above 1,200 pounds of drawbar pull.

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How much oil does a Farmall Cub hold?

Farmall Cub Engine

Engine Oil
Oil capacity: 3 qts 2.8 L
Oil change: 120 h

What year was the Farmall Cub made?

To me, the most versatile, useful, practical farm machine ever made was the Farmall Cub. Introduced in 1947 to replace horses and mules on small farms, about 245,000 Cubs were produced from 1947 until 1979.

Who made Cub Cadet tractors?

Cub Cadet

Type Private
Founded 1960
Headquarters Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Products Outdoor power equipment
Parent MTD Products

How do you adjust a Farmall Cub governor?

Adjust length of governor -to-carburetor control rod so that the rod slides freely into the throttle lever when the throttle is wide open–then lengthen the control rod by one turn to place spring load on the throttle lever”. Advance the engine speed control lever to half way then make the control rod adjustment.

What is the difference between a Farmall Cub and a Farmall A?

The A or Super A would be the next size up from the cub. Slightly larger in physical size but about twice the horsepower. It is an excellent choice for someone needing something just bigger than the cub. The Super A will have hydraulics and standard pto.

What engine is in a Farmall Cub?

The Cub sat on a 69¼ inch wheelbase, using a 4-cylinder, C-60 gasoline L-head engine, that consisted of a 2⅝ inch bore by 2¾ inch stroke, with a displacement of 59.5 cubic inches.

How many horsepower is a Farmall A?

The Farmall “A” and “AV” were small, “one-plow” tractors that delivered 16.3 horsepower on the drawbar and 18.3 on the belt. They were offered with either a gasoline or distillate four-cylinder engine. The “A” had 21 inches of clearance and the “AV” had almost 28 inches.

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How much can a Farmall Cub pull?

A Cub will easily pull a 3000-pound boat around all day.

Are Farmall Cubs good tractors?

The Farmall Cub is a versatile little workhorse. There is very good parts support for them both in aftermarket reproduction as well as used. These tractors were in production for many years and sold well, thus there are plenty to choose from.

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