Question: When Going Down A Hill In A Tractor Trailer You Should Always?

What should you do when driving down a steep hill?

Use Lower Gears to Go Downhill When you start to head back downhill, use your engine and transmission to slow the car down instead of the brakes. Shift to a lower gear before you start heading downhill, as this will help slow down the car without you having to ride the brakes, says the National Park Service.

What should you be in the proper gear before starting down a hill?

Why should you be in the proper gear before starting down a hill? To utilize the braking effect of the engine.

What is the proper way to descend a steep grade?

5 Tips on How to Safely Descend a Mountain Grade

  1. Make sure your brakes are properly adjusted and in good working order before venturing into mountainous terrain.
  2. Slow way down or stop in a brake-check area at the top of the hill while the brakes are still cool.

Do you downshift going up a hill?

On really steep hills, you might need to downshift through consecutively lower gears until you find one where the vehicle maintains the necessary momentum to crest the hill. Step 3: Upshift to save on gas. If you notice your car gaining momentum on its uphill climb, shift to a higher gear for better fuel economy.

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How do you control speed on a steep hill?

Explanation: When driving down a steep hill, gravity will cause your vehicle to speed up. This will make it more difficult for you to stop. To help keep your vehicle’s speed under control, select a lower gear to give you more engine braking and make careful use of the brakes.

When driving down a mountain you should never shift to?

2. Don’t go down a mountain road any faster than you can go up it. Don’t use your brakes to hold your downhill speed. Down shift to S or L – the only time you should step on your brake pedal is to slow while you are shifting down to a lower gear.

When the spring brakes are on you should never?

Use the parking brakes whenever you park. Caution. Never push the brake pedal down when the spring brakes are on. If you do, the brakes could be damaged by the combined forces of the springs and the air pressure.

What is stab braking?

Stab braking: Release the brakes when the wheels lock up. As soon as the wheels start rolling, put on the brakes fully again. It can take up to 1 second for the wheels to start rolling after you release the brakes. If you reapply the brakes before the wheels start rolling, the vehicle will not straighten out.

Why must air tanks be drained?

Why must air tanks be drained? Water and compressor oil can get inside of the tank and can freeze in cold weather and cause brake failure. When the air pressure is removed the springs put on the brakes. A parking brake control in the cab allows the driver to let the air out of the brakes.

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What is steep grade?

A steep slope refers to a sharp incline; a gentle slope to a slight incline. A road sign indicating a 6% grade, or 6% slope. A six percent slope means that the road elevation changes 6 feet for every 100 feet of horizontal distance (Figure 1.3). Figure 1.3. A road climbs at a gradient of 6 percent.

What is steep slope?

Steep slopes are legally defined as hillsides having a 15 foot, or greater, vertical rise over 100 feet of horizontal run, or 15% slope (Figure 1).

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