Question: What Tractor Manufacturer Has A 1 1/8 Pto Shaft?

Are all tractor PTO shafts the same size?

Most tractors with 1000 rpm (1-3/8″ diameter) PTO shaft have a distance of 16 inches from the end of the tractor PTO shaft to the hitch point. The same procedure can be used as in the example, however, the dimensions will be different.

Are there different size PTO shafts?

The two speeds most commonly used with tractor PTO shafts is 540 and 1000 rpm and the PTO shafts can come in different sizes and lengths. PTO Shaft, Series 4, 40.39 In.

How do I know if I have a PTO shaft series?

The simplest way to figure out whether a PTO is North American or metric is to determine the shape of the tubing and shafting. A PTO is domestic if the tubing/shafting is square, rectangle, hex or splined. If the tubing/shafting is bell, lemon or star-shaped, then it is metric.

Are PTO shafts universal?

The parts of a PTO shaft consist of the internal and external PTO yoke, universal joint, safety chain and safety shield. Several different types of PTO shafts are available, so it’s essential to choose the right one for your equipment and applications.

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Are all 540 PTO shafts the same size?

Modern 540 RPM PTO shafts are the same size. The 1000 RPM PTO shafts on larger tractors are different.

What size is a standard PTO shaft?

Tractor PTO Shafts

PTO Type: Type 1 Type 3
Diameter: 1 3/8″ ( 35mm ) 1 3/4″ (45mm)
Speed: 540 RPM 1000 RPM
Gear teeth: 6 20
Rotation: Clockwise, as viewed from end of shaft


How do I choose a PTO shaft?

Keep several points in mind when determining the PTO size. First, there should be at least a one-third overlap between the shaft and the tube. If you’re using a slip sleeve, the overlap should be approximately 3″. If the shaft is too long, it will bottom out and create a conflict between the tractor and the shaft.

How much should a PTO shaft overlap?

In the collapsed position the driveline should be approximately 2″ from bottoming out to prevent possible damage to the tractor or implement. When the PTO is in the maximum extended position, the ideal minimum overlap of the two halves should be approximately 6″ (see figure on right).

How much does a PTO shaft cost?

This item PTO Drive Line/ Drive Shaft, 1-3/8×6 Spline to 1-3/8 Round, General Purpose, 5’/6′ Pull Cutters 56″-82″ 14 Series PTO Drive Line, General Purpose, for Fertilizer Spreaders and Many Other Implements, 1-3/8″ x 6 Spline (Both Ends) 27″ – 33″, Series 1
Price $22900 $11999
Sold By ToolTuff Direct ToolTuff Direct


How many types of PTO are there?

There are two major types of independent PTO; mechanical and hydraulic. A mechanical-independent PTO uses a separate on-off selector, in addition to the PTO control lever.

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How is PTO series calculated?

One metric that employers can follow to calculate PTO is to divide the annual PTO hours by annual work hours. For example, if an hourly employee earns 80 hours of PTO each year and works 40 hours a week, or 2,080 hours per year, divide 80 by 2,080.

How short can you cut a PTO shaft?

The manufacturer of the PTO shafts recommends adding 40mm (about an inch and a half) to the amount to cut off the plastic tube and the steel telescoping tube of each half of the PTO. The overlap length is 150mm for this example. Add 40mm to that for our cutoff length. The amount to cut off is 190mm.

Are all PTO shafts extendable?

All of the pto shafts should have a telescoping plastic cover on them! Easy to order or find at many tractor farm supply stores. You will need at least shaft diameter when looking. Usually have to cut BOTH half’s of the plastic covers to correct length after buying.

How does PTO shaft work?

How does a PTO work? The PTO transfers an engine’s power to another piece of equipment or machine that does not have its own engine or motor. The power is transferred through a driveshaft. The tractor’s PTO shaft transfers power from the tractor to the PTO -driven machine or implement.

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