Question: What Size Tractor To Operate 6′ Rhino Finish Mower?

What size tractor do I need for a 7 foot mower?

I would say about the same, we run a 7 – foot finish mower on a tractor 35 PTO horsepower and in thick heavy grass it’ll bog tractor down pretty well. If you were to go slower with a smaller horsepower tractor you would be fine.

How much horsepower do I need for a 10 foot bush hog?

I’d say in MOST conditions, you’d want 60 to 65 hp at a minimum. Grass and weeds will put more pto load on the tractor than brush and saplings in most cases. But with a 10 ‘ mounted mower, more critical than HP, you need a good heavy tractor. Even with ligher duty mowers, a 10 ‘er will pack a few pounds onto the hitch.

How tall of grass can a finish mower cut?

A grooming mower (or finish mower ) is designed to maintain turfgrass environments like lawns, athletic fields, golf courses or any other area with grass under eight inches in length. It has sharp blades that give tender turf grass a sharp cut and can range from 4 to 9 ft.

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What is the difference between a bush hog and a finish mower?

A bush hog and a finishing mower have a lot in common. The difference is that a bush hog is made for rough-cutting high grasses and weeds on your property, while a finishing mower is made to make the area that has been cut look well groomed. The most important aspect of this conversion are the blades.

What is the best 3 point finish mower?

So, let’s check out the reviews of the 3 best finish mowers in the market right now.

  • Swisher FCE11544BS – Best Pull-Behind Mower.
  • King Kutter RFM-60 – Best Rotary Cutter for Tractor.
  • Titan Attachments – Best PTO Finish Mower.

How much horsepower do I need for a finish mower?

Generally you need 4-5 hp per foot of cut WITH A BUSHHOG type cutter. Since they are designed to cut (and recut) heavy brush and small trees, they take more power. Usually, finish mowers take less hp to run.

How much horsepower does it take to pull a 6 ft bush hog?

The general rule of thumb is 5 PTO hp per foot of rotary cutter. So a 6 footer calls for 30 PTO hp or better.

How much horsepower do I need for a 6 brush hog?

Applying this to a 6 ft bushhog would equal 30 hp.

How much horsepower do I need to run a 5 foot brush hog?

Veteran Member. The rule of thumb is 5 HP per foot of cutter. Thus a 5 foot bush hog requires 25 HP.

Can you cut tall grass with a finish mower?

You will want to use a brush mower to clear tall grass (normally 6” and above), woody material, weeds and brush from an overgrown field or other area that has not been regularly maintained for some time. You will use a finishing mower to cut grass less than 6” in an area that receives regular lawn maintenance.

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Is a flail mower better than a rotary mower?

Flail vs Rotary Mower: The Cut Rotary mowers, with their heavy, high-powered blades, are particularly good at clearing brush, grass, and trees that may be overgrown. Flail mowers can be effective at cutting brush though they can take significantly longer to catch and mulch the brush.

Can you mow with a bush hog?

Super Member. They must have a very bad finish mower with dull blades AND a Bush Hog with very sharp blades If you sharpen the blades and go slow, a bush hog can do a pretty good job but no where near a finish mower, IMO.

How much does a 5 ft Bush Hog weigh?


Specification Description
Brand CountyLine
Product Weight 450 lb.
Manufacturer Part Number RC5

Can you cut brush with a finish mower?

A finish mower, on the other hand, leaves a smooth, finished appearance on an already landscaped lawn. It is designed for light cutting and does not cut through brush or dense vegetation.

How big of a brush hog can I use?

If you are mowing heavy grass or brush go with the 5 foot. If you are just topping or mowing light grass go with the 6 foot.

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