Question: What Size Tractor For A 15 Ft Shredder?

How much horsepower do I need for a 15 foot bush hog?

Bush Hog specifies a minimum of 50 HP.

What size tractor do I need to pull a 10 foot bush hog?

The general rule of thumb is 5hp per foot of cutter but a little more power goes a long way. Based on the limited info on what you are cutting I think you should be looking at 85-100 hp ( engine) tractors, and definitely a 15″ batwing. I think 20’s get to darn big to maneuver.

How much HP do you need to run a brush hog?

Epic Contributor. More is better, but 25-28 PTO HP would do the job. You ‘ll also want to consider the size and weight of the cutter and tractor as part of the equation. With just grass cutting, a light to medium duty cutter would suffice, but if you let it get high, you may have to slow your ground speed.

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How many horsepower is a 10 foot bush hog?

Model Application Min. PTO hp Required
CX15 10 ft Commercial duty 55 hp (41 kW)
CX15 Commercial duty 55 hp (41 kW)
CX20 Commercial duty 80 hp (60 kW)

Who makes the toughest bush hog?

Bush Hog ® 4815 Series Flex-Wing The 4815 is simply the toughest Bush Hog ® built Flex-Wing ever. Designed for the roughest use cases, the 4815 is for those users who require the strongest 15 ft.

What is the best brush hog on the market?

Best Walk Behind Brush Cutters: Our Top Picks

Swisher Rough Cut Mower (WRC11524BS) Best Value
Brush Beast (36BBM20R) Best Heavy Duty
Billy Goat BC26 Brush Hog (BC2600ICM) Best Pro Choice
Swisher Rough Cut Trail Mower (RC14544CPKA) Best Tow-Behind
Swisher Rough Cut Pro (WRC10224H) Commercial Rated

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What size tractor do I need for a 7 ft bush hog?

Silver Member. Your PTO HP should be 5HP per foot ( width ) for things like a finishing mower, rotary cutter, tiller, etc. So for a 7 ‘ bushhog you should look at least 35HP @ the PTO and for a 9’ bushhog you should look at least 45HP @ the PTO. This is just a general rule of thumb.

How do I know what size tractor I need?

You have to consider the size of the lawn to determine the size of tractor you ‘ll need. Here’s a quick guide: 1/2 to 1 Acre of Lawn: You need a riding lawn mower with at least 14 horsepower engine and up to 42 inches cutting width. 1 to 2 Acres: Choose an engine with 14 to 16 horsepower and 42 inches or 46 inches deck.

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What size tree can a bush hog cut?

What are the safety precautions and maintenance required to use brush hogs? The blades on a rotary cutter can have top speeds of over 150 miles per hour. Therefore the kinetic energy enables the blades to cut through saplings and small trees up to several inches in diameter.

What size tractor do I need for 100 acres?

He said most small scale farms only need a 20- to 50-horsepower tractor, while large-scale farms — about 100 to 500 acres — will likely require an 80- to 130-horsepower tractor, depending on the crop.

How many horsepower does it take to run a 5 foot brush hog?

The rule of thumb is 5 HP per foot of cutter. Thus a 5 foot bush hog requires 25 HP.

How much should I charge for bush hogging?

For legit bush hogging jobs I usually charge around $100 an acre. For that much acreage I’d give a discount and be around $75-$80 an acre. You are definitely low-balling yourself.

How fast can you bush hog?

One of my manuals says you should be between 2 and 5 mph. When using my rotary cutter in not real thick stuff I’m usually going along at 3.8- 4 mph. But I’ve also heard some people say that you get a better cut by going faster.

How much does a 7 foot bush hog weight?

Comparison 7′ Brush Cutters

Brand Bush -Whacker Bush Hog
Gearbox HP 250 HP 190 HP
Blade Size 1/2″ x 3.5″ 1/2″ x 4″
Blade Tip Speed 15,490 FPM 11,875 FPM
Weight 1,420 1,950

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