Question: What Size Is Husqvarna Tractor Fuel Line?

What size is Husqvarna fuel line?

Husqvarna Part Number 530069599 Fuel Line (25″ Length)

What size is lawn mower fuel line?

Most fuel line is measured in ID or ID/ and OD together Most lawn equipment, like mowers, is 1/4″ ID..or 3/16″ ID.

What is the best fuel line for small engines?

Small engines on your lawnmower, ATV or motorcycle use a gas-resistant vinyl tubing called Tygon. It is usually clear or transparent yellow in color and is preferred over the clear vinyl tubing you can purchase for your beer keg tap or for use as a wiring loom.

Can you run a chainsaw without a fuel filter?

Well as long as the lack of that fuel filter doesn’t cause leaking at the inlet connection, then yes it will run fine …. but only for as long as whatever the filter might have caught and preventing it from clogging jets and passages.

How do I know what size fuel line I have?

Place the top of a 1/4-inch wrench with an open end over the fuel line. Slide it carefully over the line so that it fits snugly against the tubing. Read the wrench’s measurements to determine the diameter of the fuel line. Place a caliper over the fuel line if the wrench did not give an accurate reading.

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Where is the fuel filter on my lawn mower?

The fuel filter will be located either inside the fuel tank or fitted into the fuel line between the tank and the fuel pump.

How do you replace a fuel line on a lawn mower?


  1. Disconnect the spark plug.
  2. Remove the old fuel line clamps.
  3. Remove the old fuel line.
  4. Using a utility knife or scissors cut the new fuel line to length.
  5. Slide the old fuel hose clamps on the fuel line.
  6. Push the new fuel line onto the connectors.
  7. Install the fuel line clamps.

Can you use rubber hose for fuel line?

Yes, you can, but there are some hazards/risks involved with using rubber fuel line. Sealing is a problem when you don’t use hose fittings. Just slipping the hose on steel tube is asking for leaks, many times they are not visible. I recommend using double clamps and Hylomar sealant when not using hose fittings.

What is the best material for fuel lines?

The best solution is a material called PTFE. That stands for polytetrafluoroethylene —a plastic material that is best known as Teflon in one specific variation. This material is impervious to the degenerative effects of fuel that also creates a vapor barrier so fuel vapors cannot leak past.

Can you use hydraulic hose for fuel line?

Fuel injection hose is perfect. hydraulic hose will work fine to. It won’t deteriorate. The only down fall is its big thick and harder to move around then fuel line.

What size is chainsaw fuel line?

It uses 1/8id x 3/16od, though 1/4od can be used also but it is a little harder to get pulled through the hole. This is pretty much a standard size on a lot of chainsaws, string trimmers, leaf blowers and etc.

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