Question: What Size Is A Drawbar Hole On A 1440 Massey Tractor?

What is tractor drawbar?

A drawbar is a piece of equipment which is used as a coupling between an engine and the load it pulls. A classic example of a drawbar can be seen on farm equipment. A tractor is equipped with a drawbar so that it can haul different types of farm implements such as plows, harrows, cultivators, reapers, and so forth.

What is a drawbar on a hitch?

A drawbar (or sometimes called ball mount), is the metal piece that slides into the hitch opening to provide the attachment point for a hitch ball for trailer towing.

What is a drawbar clevis?

It’s the black loop that is connected at the rear of the drawbar. They are available at places like Tractor Supply and give you an excellent pulling point for a chain. The hole in the drawbar is great for use as a hitch when a pin connects the load, but when a chain is required this is the ticket.

How do I keep my tractor drawbar from spinning?

There is a bolt on piece available that bolts to the middle of your draw bar on one end, and the other end of it will attach to your top link, which keeps everything locked in place so the bar can’t rotate.

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What is the purpose of a tractor drawbar?

A drawbar is mounted or located on the tractive vehicle and is used to accept the coupling of the load. The direction of haulage may be push or pull, though pushing tends to be for a pair of ballast tractors working one pulling and the other pushing an exceptional load on a specialist trailer.

What is a Category 1 tractor?

You may notice some sub-compact tractors, such as the John Deere 1 Series, have a “limited” category 1 hitch. This indicates that the hitch is lower to the ground and may not lift as high or open as wide as standard full-size category 1 hitches.

What is a three point hitch on a tractor?

The three – point hitch (British English: three – point linkage ) is a widely used type of hitch for attaching ploughs and other implements to an agricultural or industrial tractor. This gives the tractor more usable traction than it would otherwise have, given the same power, weight, and fuel consumption.

What is the difference between a hitch and a receiver?

Hitch Types A device which attaches directly to the tow vehicle providing the connection between the tow vehicle and the trailer. A fixed tongue hitch includes the ball platform, while a receiver style hitch has a receptacle (typically 1-1/4″ or 2″) for inserting special ball mounts or bike racks.

How does a drawbar lock work?

Drawbar locks are used to keep a Category 1 tractor’s tow from rotating while being pulled. This lock allows for a 3 inches wide lift arm and fits a drawbar 1-1/8 inches thick and 2-1/2 inches wide at its largest. Keep your trailer securely attached to a tractor with a drawbar lock.

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What is a 3 point hitch draw bar for?

3 Point Hitch Category 1 Drawbar Receiver Hitch with standard 7/8 inch draw pins. This hitch is for light duty tractors for pulling your trailers or what ever you would like around your property, farm, or home. This hitch will fit the Standard 2″ truck receiver.

Where is the drawbar on a trailer?

Drawbar length is the distance measured from the centre of the trailer front cross member to the centre of the tow ball and can be determined from a number of considerations.

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