Question: What Front End Loader Fits White 2-15o Field Boss Tractor?

Does AGCO still make white tractors?

White Farm Equipment is a brand of agricultural machinery, now discontinued except for planter, and owned by AGCO.

How much horsepower does a white 2 105 have?

White 2-105

White 2-105 Power:
PTO (claimed): 105 hp [78.3 kW]
Drawbar (tested): 84.96 hp [63.4 kW]
PTO (tested): 105.61 hp [78.8 kW]
power test details


What tractor is white?

Today White is an AGCO brand. AGCO was formed in 1990 by former Allis-Chalmers executives. The executives took over Deutz-Allis and then purchased the White tractor line and Hesston Corporation brands in 1991. The remaining White-New Idea Company was purchased by AGCO in 1991 from Allied.

When did white stop making tractors?

White Motors, the parent company of the Oliver Corporation, acquired Cockshutt in 1962. The Cockshutt name continued to be used until 1972, when they were slowly phased out by White. Cockshutt tractors were never built again.

What engines do Massey Ferguson use?

Massey Ferguson is one of the most well-known names in the agricultural industry. Delivering products for over 160 years, Massey Ferguson is a renowed name in the industry. A number of Massey Ferguson tractors and compact tractors are powered with a Mitsubishi engine.

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Does Caterpillar own AGCO?

AGCO acquires the assets of Caterpillar Inc.’s agricultural equipment business, primarily the design, assembly and marketing of their Challenger track tractors. AGCO acquires the assets of Sunflower Manufacturing Company Inc., a leading producer of tillage, seeding and specialty harvesting equipment.

What was the biggest Oliver tractor made?

In the same year Oliver also brought out its biggest tractor, the Oliver 90, which replaced 28-44. This tractor was a much squarer looking machine and was not available as a row crop.

When did AGCO stop making tractors?

Their main tractor offerings would be through the Massey Ferguson and Challenger brands. Between 1970 and today, there have been several distinctive tractor models. The last “Allis-Chalmers” tractors were produced in the mid-80s before the agricultural recession forced a series of mergers and acquisitions.

What tractor brands does AGCO own?

Through well-known brands including Challenger®, Fendt ®, Massey Ferguson ® and Valtra ®, AGCO Corporation delivers agricultural solutions to farmers worldwide through a full line of tractors, combine harvesters, hay and forage equipment, seeding and tillage implements, grain storage and protein production systems, as

Who started Oliver tractor?


Predecessor Oliver Chilled Plow Nichols and Shepard American Seeding Machine Company Hart-Parr
Founder(s) James Oliver
Defunct 1976
Headquarters South Bend, USA
Products agriculture machinery tractor

When did New Idea go out of business?

The New Idea brand was dropped by AGCO around 2007.

What year did white Buy Oliver?

White Motor Corporation – In 1960, White Motors acquired the Oliver Corporation as a wholly-owned subsidiary.

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