Question: What Does A Clutch Pedal Do On A Lawn Tractor?

How do I know if my lawn mower clutch is bad?

Simple test would be to remove the mower deck belt from the PTO pulley and try to engage the PTO. If it doesn’t stall, the clutch is not your problem. If it does stall I would guess you’ve had a bearing fail in the clutch. The other thing to check is the seat switch if it’s still enabled.

What does a clutch do on a lawn mower?

An electric lawnmower clutch, commonly called a power takeoff clutch (PTO), is the part of a lawnmower or riding tractor responsible for engaging the blade. The electric clutch helps to transfer engine power to the drive train. The clutch connects two drive shafts and is controlled by a toggle switch.

How do you use a clutch on a riding lawn mower?

Press the brake and clutch pedal, and start the engine by turning the key. On most models, the brake and clutch pedal is the same pedal; in essence it’s a dual purpose pedal. Shift the lawn mower into gear, and release the brake and clutch pedal.

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What does a bad PTO clutch look like?

“Normally” when a clutch is going bad it will start to show when you engage the PTO. A common symptom would be for the clutch to be slow to engage if it’s been running for a while and is hot. Once engaged they usually stay engaged until you shut them off.

How long should a PTO clutch last?

LawnSite Member See people getting 600 – 1000 hours having to replace.

Does a lawn mower engine have a clutch?

The best lawn mowers have a clutch connecting the engine to the rear axle and another connecting the engine to the blades. There are also electric clutches. These are common in both small electric mowers as well as larger gas powered mowers with two sets of blades. They are referred to as power take-off (PTO) clutches.

How do I know if my electric PTO clutch is bad?

Activate the PTO engagement lever, then disengage it. Turn it on and off several times. If you do not hear a disengagement noise or see the power takeoff pulley stopping or slowing down at any time, it indicates the clutch and plates have galled together from excessive heat, or the slip ring has jammed.

What does PTO stand for on a lawn mower?

A power take-off or power takeoff (PTO) is any of several methods for taking power from a power source, such as a running engine, and transmitting it to an application such as an attached implement or separate machine.

Why does my riding lawn mower shut off when I engage the blades?

The seat safety switch on your lawn tractor is designed to shut the lawn mower off in case of a roll over. This will help prevent injury to the tractor’s operator. If the engine dies when the blades engage, it could be the result of a damaged safety switch.

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How many ohms should a PTO clutch have?

Anywhere between approx. 2 ~ 4 ohms is acceptable but no way does that mean the clutch is OK. Temperature and your meter will give you varying readings. I wouldn’t replace the clutch because it has 1.8 ohms of resistance.

Where is the clutch on a riding lawn mower?

Usually, this clutch is attached to the underside of the engine and is shaped as a small bell housing. From this position, it controls the mower blades. You will also be able to identify the clutch if you follow the mower blades.

How do you start a choke on a riding lawn mower?

Pull the throttle into the choke position. Move the throttle lever so it engages the choke. Depending on the mower, this is done by positioning the lever between the fast and slow settings or pulling it upwards past fast to a point sometimes indicated by a circle with a diagonal line through it.

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