Question: On A Tractor How To Use A 3rd Function Valve Kit?

How does a 3rd function valve work?

A Third Function Valve is a hydraulic control valve that’s installed on your machine in order to add an additional hydraulic function. A hydraulic control valve allows fluid to flow in and out of cylinders or hydraulic motors to extend/retract them with the push of a button or moving a handle.

What is the third function on a tractor?

A Tractor 3rd Function Dedicated Valve is a separate, additional valve assembly that works independently of the other hydraulic valves on your tractor. This allows you to operate the additional valve functions separately from any existing hydraulic functions on the tractor.

How do auxiliary hydraulics work?

An auxiliary hydraulic system delivers hydraulic flow from a hydraulic pump to operate auxiliary equipment or attachments. Attachments, such as breakers and compactors only need hydraulic flow in one direction, whereas shears and grapples need two-direction hydraulic flow.

What should I look for in a grapple bucket?

Reinforcements and Steel Type – On solid bottom grapples, look for extra reinforcement inside the bucket. On skeleton style grapples, look for gussets at tine tips. If the tines are designed without gussets, look for thicker steel and an inverted “T” shape tine on skeleton styles like this.

What is a grapple bucket?

The Grapple Skeleton Rock Bucket is engineered to pick rocks and debris from the soil with the added feature of independent grapples to secure a variety of materials.

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