Question: How To Remove Brush Hog From Tractor?

How do you remove the blades from a wooden brush hog?

How to Change the Blades on a Woods Bush Hog

  1. Raise the Bush Hog cutter and securely lock it in position with wood blocks.
  2. Remove the nuts from the blade bolts, using a 1 11/16 inch socket through the access hole in the deck.
  3. Inspect the blade bolt shoulder for wear.
  4. Assemble new blades to the blade holder, using blade bolts, nuts and lock washers.

Do you grease a PTO shaft?

PTO Shaft Maintenance The PTO shaft should be greased regularly to keep the universal joints from failing and to stop the shaft from seizing. It is recommended to grease standard universal joints every 20 hours or 8 hours for severe conditions.

How do you engage PTO on a Massey Ferguson 231?

To engage live PTO: Depress the clutch pedal fully, move the engagement lever to the rear ‘A’. Set the engine speed to 1788 rev/min for 548 PTO shaft speed.

Are the blades on a bush hog supposed to be loose?

Posted: Sun May 20, 2007 11:49 am Post subject: Bush Hog Blades, tight or loose enoug to swing? They should swing freely.

How do you remove the PTO shaft from a Kubota?

With tractor shut off, reach in under the PTO guard and grab the end of the shaft that slides onto the PTO splines. You should feel a pin sticking out — press the pin in while pulling on the shaft at the same time. The shaft should slide off of the PTO splines.

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