Question: How To Mount Hideaway Toolbox To Truck From Tractor?

How do you attach a toolbox to a drawbar?

Thanks. If you wish to bolt something to the drawbar, the best method is to use four long thin bolts, one bolt either side of either rail with a plate (100×50) with two holes under each drawbar rail. Put a third and fourth plate inside the box (again two holes in each) and drill four holes in the bottom of the box.

How do you secure a toolbox on a ute tray?

Step by step for the secure toolbox way 1: Having located the box in the place you are happy with, look under the tray and find suitable mount location points that are free of tray floor reinforcing ribs. Extending this line through to the outside of the tray, extend this line back into the box to be installed.

Can you drill into caravan chassis?

There is nothing illegal about drilling holes in caravan walls and cabinetry to mount shelves or fittings, but you have to be aware of what might be behind or in the wall. Caravan manufacturers often run mains 240V cables through the walls and across the roof.

Can you have a headache rack and toolbox?

If you drive a truck that has a toolbox, you may be wondering whether you ‘ll still be able to get all of the benefits offered by BACKRACK™ truck racks. The good news is – you can.

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