Question: How To Gap A Coil On A Bolens Lawn Tractor?

What is the air gap on a Briggs and Stratton coils?

Briggs & Stratton Ignition Armature Air Gaps

Model Series Type Armature Air Gap ( in. )
235400, 245400 OHV Single Cylinder .008 /.012
280000 OHV Single Cylinder .010 /.014
310000 OHV Single Cylinder .010 /.014
290000, 294000, 303000 OHV Twin Cylinder .008 /.012


Should magneto touch flywheel?

It should not be touching. Use a standard size business card to adjust the air gap between the coil and flywheel magnets.

Why does my lawn mower have no spark?

The coil and plug won’t produce a spark so long as the control wire is connected to ground (Metal of engine). A common fault is chafing of the control wire on the engine (shorting to ground), this effectively is the same as releasing the bail lever – turns engine off.

How do I know if my lawnmower coil is bad?

Mower stops mid mow Your mower may have a bad coil, especially if you cannot re-start your mower while it is still hot. If you have to wait for the mower to cool to start it, you should probably replace the ignition coil.

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What would cause no spark from coil?

Loss of spark is caused by anything that prevents coil voltage from jumping the electrode gap at the end of the spark plug. This includes worn, fouled or damaged spark plugs, bad plug wires or a cracked distributor cap.

How many ohms should a ignition coil have?

Most ignition coils should have a primary resistance falling somewhere between 0.4 and 2 ohms; however, refer to your manufacturer’s specifications for the correct reading. If a reading of zero is displayed, that signifies that the ignition coil has shorted internally in the primary windings and needs to be replaced.

What is the gap between ignition coil and flywheel?

Replacing Ignition Coils or Armatures An ignition armature must be set at a precise distance from the flywheel. Your engine repair manual will provide the proper gap for your engine. Common armature gap ranges are. 006 -.

When did Briggs and Stratton stop using points?

Magnetron Ignition – This solid state ignition system introduced by Briggs & Stratton in 1982 eliminated the points and condenser system, the performance of which steadily degraded between required periodic maintenance service.

Does a lawn mower have points?

Additionally, do lawn mower engines have points? Since 1982, Briggs & Stratton engines have used a solid-state ignition. Models built before 1982 employed a magneto, points and condenser system to generate spark for the spark plug.

Will a rusty flywheel cause no spark?

Rust on the flywheel won’t cause a no – spark problem. The flywheel (rotor) is just some permanent magnets that create current flow in the stator (coils behind the flywheel ) when it spins. The rust on the outer part of the rotor won’t affect the magnetic field.

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How many volts does a magneto produce?

The voltage generated by a magneto is 50 volts. The coil increases this to 15,000 volts.

Can a flywheel cause no spark?

The magnets as North and South on a Flywheel. They are usually even labeled, at least in most Stihls. If they are no longer N/S, even if they have magnetism, they won’t make a spark. So yes, it can occur.

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