Question: How Many Tractor Trailers In U.S.?

How many commercial trucks are in the US?

How many trucks operate in the U.S.? Estimates of 15.5 million trucks operate in the U.S.. Of this figure 2 million are tractor trailers.

How big is the trucking industry in the US?

Trucking is responsible for most of the overland freight movement in the United States, with the market being worth 791.7 billion U.S. dollars in 2019. At that time, there were over 947,000 truck drivers employed in the U.S., which is less than the industry requires.

How many heavy duty trucks are in the US?

Over 235,000 heavy trucks were produced in the United States in 2020, a contraction of about 32 percent compared to the 2019 production volume. That year, more than 4.3 million heavy trucks were produced worldwide.

How many truck drivers are in the US 2019?

As of October 2019, there are around 3.5 million truck drivers in the USA. This number, however, represents only the truck drivers, the total number of people employed in the trucking industry exceeds 8 million.

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Is there a truck driver shortage 2020?

Driver shortage credited for buoying freight economy in 2020 and likely into 2021. A driver shortage, more than anything else, has put the trucking industry in a position to chase rate increases for perhaps the next two years.

How many truck drivers die each year in the US?

Truck drivers are 233% more likely to experience non-fatal injuries than other professions, and in 2018 alone 840 truckers died in the United States. The dangers truckers face on the road is just part of the risk that comes with being a professional truck driver. The average life expectancy for American men is 78.

Who is the biggest trucking company in the United States?

Rank Carrier Name 2018 Revenue ($ million)
1 FedEx Freight $7,352
2 Old Dominion Freight Line $3,983
3 XPO Logistics $3,830
4 YRC Freight $3,153


Who has the largest truck fleet in the US?

The biggest fleet in the U.S. belongs to PepsiCo, Inc. It owns 11,245 tractors, 3,605 trucks, and 17,100 pickup trucks and cargo vans. PepsiCo also owns 18,468 trailers for securing goods in transit.

Is a trucking business profitable?

The trucking business can be very profitable, but it is incredibly competitive. Many truckers try to get into the business every year and end up failing. This outcome usually happens to people who are great truckers but are not good business owners.

How many truckers die a year?

Although traffic deaths are gradually decreasing, deaths involving large trucks increased by one percent in 2019 from 2018, when 885 truckers died. The last time those numbers were higher was in 1988, a deadly reminder that, despite modern medicine, operating long haul trucks can be a dangerous business.

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What is the biggest delay factor in trucking?

Facility delays were the top factor identified by carriers as impacting driver’s ability to comply with hours of service regulations. The majority of drivers reported to ATRI that they had run out of available hours while being delayed at a customer facility.

Is trucking the biggest industry?

Trucking accounts for over 70 percent of freight in the United States. This means trucking generates more revenue than any other industry in the United States. Nearly 6 percent of all full-time jobs in America are in the trucking industry, which generates over $700 billion every year.

What is the average life expectancy of a truck driver?

2 Fast Lane blog: “According to the (CDC), the average life expectancy for a commercial truck driver is 61 years.

What state has the most freight?

November 2020

State Loads Rank
Texas 1,735,704 1
California 1,186,350 2
Illinois 935,344 3
Georgia 989,070 4

What state has the most truck drivers?

States That Have the Most Truck Drivers

  • Texas comes in at the top of the list with over 172,000 people employed as truck drivers.
  • California is second on the list with over 130,000 truck drivers.
  • Pennsylvania is a state that may surprise some people, but it comes in third for the most truckers in the country.

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