Often asked: What Tractor Does A Kubota L720 Fit?

What are the different sizes of Kubota tractors?

  • BX1880/BX2380/BX2680. 16.6 – 24.8 HP.
  • BX23S. 21.6 HP.
  • B01 Series. 20.9 – 24.3 HP.
  • LX Series. 24.8 – 30.8 HP.
  • Standard L01 Series. 24.8 – 47.3 HP.
  • Grand L60 Series. 37.0 – 62.0 HP.
  • L60LE Series. An affordable 37.0 – 42.0 HP tractor series packed with deluxe features.
  • MX Series. 55.5 – 63.4 HP.

Are Kubota BX23S any good?

The BX23s is a fine tractor, and one that will give you many years of service. I did a quick build with turf tires on the Kubota website and found the price to be $20250. Your dealer’s price of $18,900 is discounted at just under 7%. Generally speaking, you should be able to get about 10-14% off MSRP.

Is Kubota better than John Deere?

The simple answer is that there’s no clear winner. I sell both used John Deere and Kubota tractors because of the proven reliability, parts availability, and plethora of dealer locations around the country to provide support. Couple this with excellent resale value and it’s really hard to go wrong either way.

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Which Kubota tractors come with a backhoe?

The BX23S comes equipped with Kubota’s Swift-Connect Backhoe for all those digging jobs around the house and yard. ​Smaller than a full-size tractor and easier to operate, the sub-compact BX80 Series has the power and versatility to take on your toughest gardening, landscaping, and property maintenance jobs.

What is considered high hours on a Kubota tractor?

A well maintained Kubota tractor should last between 4500-5500 gauged hours. As many tractor owners report using their tractor for only 100-200 hours a year, this can translate into years of use. If you have the time and skill to optimally tend to and care for a Kubota tractor, you have a chance to exceed 10,000 hours.

What is the best selling Kubota Tractor?

One of America’s top selling sub-compact tractor series, the Kubota BX family of machines has the country seeing orange. Kubota sub compact tractors have long been a staple of the company, built to a fit a wide range of implements from mowers to loaders.

How deep will a Kubota bx23s dig?

The BX Kubota is the #1 Selling Sub Compact Tractor in the U.S.A. and that is for good reason when you see one in person. Kubota engineered and built, this tractor can scoop, dig up to 6′ deep and even mow with a mid-mount belly mower.

How many HP is a Kubota bx23s?

23.5 HP, 54″ deck.

How much does the Kubota bx23s weight?

The entry-level BX1880 weighs 1366 lbs (tractor-only), is powered by an 18-horsepower Kubota diesel, can come with a 48” or 54” mowing deck, and has pricing (barebones) that begins under $10K. The slightly larger BX2380 weighs 1443 lbs, comes with a 23-horsepower diesel, and can come with a 54” or 60” mowing deck.

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What is the most reliable tractor brand?

Let’s have a look at the top 5 most reliable tractor brands on the market.

  • Fendt Tractors (Germany)
  • Massey Ferguson Tractors (United States)
  • Case IH Tractors (United States)
  • John Deere Tractors (United States)
  • Claas Tractors (Germany)

Is kioti better than Kubota?

The Kioti 2610H beats the Kubota L2501 in both specifications. The Kioti has a longer frame, making it is about 14 inches longer in total than the Kubota, which is quite a bit when considering stability.

What’s the best tractor for the money?

What Is the Best Brand of Compact Tractor?

  • Kubota.
  • Deere.
  • Mahindra.
  • New Holland (Case is also part of the CNH family and not big on compacts, so both offer similar product painted a different color)
  • LS.
  • Kioti.
  • Yanmar.
  • Tym.

What is the difference between Kubota B and BX series?

In this case, the BX Series uses a 23 horse engine. The B series also uses a 23 horse engine. We’ve got the same amount of horsepower. Now, that said, the bigger tractor is going to be mated to a larger hydraulic system and a more capable transmission.

How much does a tractor with a backhoe cost?

The smallest machines capable of digging just six feet deep can be purchased for $12,000 to $20,000. Backhoe loaders with a dig depth of 9 to 10 feet usually cost $25,000 to $35,000. Machines with a 14-foot dig depth – the industry standard – and horsepower between 70 and 90 cost anywhere from $50,000 to $90,000.

How much does a small Kubota tractor cost?

Depreciation of Kubota Compact and Sub-Compact Tractors

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Model Average New Selling Price ($US) Lost to Depreciation
Kubota B2650 HSD $ 23,007 $ 8,668
Kubota BX1870 $ 10,118 $ 4,959
Difference $12,889 $ 3,709

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