Often asked: What Kind Of Radiator Fluid Does A 1949 8n Ford Tractor Use?

How much coolant does a Ford 8N take?

Ford 8N – engine

Engine Detail: Ford gasoline 4-cylinder 8-valve liquid-cooled 119.7 ci [2.0 L]
Bore/Stroke: 3.188×3.75 inches [81 x 95 mm]
Starter volts: 6
Oil capacity: 6 qts [5.7 L]
Coolant capacity: 12 qts [11.4 L]


What kind of hydraulic fluid goes in an 8N Ford tractor?

Traveller TS40402G Ford Tractor All Mineral 90 Transmission Fluid is a high quality hydraulic fluid for use in older Ford tractors.

Do tractors use antifreeze?

Older cooling systems usually contain a mixture of water and antifreeze, but in modern tractors a specific coolant is generally used in the cooling system. This coolant has chemicals added to it to help keep an engine cool in the summer and offer frost protection in the winter.

How much horsepower does a 8N Ford Tractor have?

The 8N features a 23.22 belt horsepower with a 27.32 maximum. The tractor has 92 ft-lbs of torque, reached at 1,500 rpm.

What engine is in a Ford 8N?

Ford N-series tractor
Engine 4 cylinder inline
Transmission 3-speed manual (9N, 2N) 4-speed manual (8N)
Wheelbase 70 in (1,778 mm)
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What kind of hydraulic fluid does a Ford Jubilee take?

The correct fluid to use in the transmission, hydraulic reservoir, and rear differential section is Universal Transmission Fluid (UTF) equivalent to Ford/New Holland specification 134D. This is Ford/New Holland approved practice. You can get this fluid from Tractor Supply Stores, auto parts stores, Wal-Mart, etc.

What is 134D hydraulic fluid?

Multi G-134 hydraulic fluid is a multi-purpose fluid for hydraulic systems, wet brakes, various PTO clutch systems, differentials and transmissions in farm tractors. It creates a rust- and corrosion-resistant lubrication, and is slow to oxidize. It is a medium-duty oil, with good anti-wear properties.

What kind of antifreeze does my Kubota tractor use?

Kubota Genuine Coolant is a premium Ethylene Glycol-based phosphate coolant certified for Kubota Engines. Its formula consists of unique characteristics to meet Asian vehicle applications and does not contain any silicate, borate, nitrite, etc that can cause problems in the cooling system.

Can I put water in my tractor radiator?

Keep the radiator and any cooling units that are positioned in front of it clear of dirt and debris. Next, you’ll need to check the condition of the antifreeze. If extra fluid is required or if you’re adding new antifreeze, don’t add ordinary tap water. That can lead to rust, scale and corrosion.

Do Diesel engines need special coolant?

Engine coolant maintenance is just as important as an oil change. In fact, the coolant condition in a diesel engine may even be more important than in a gasoline engine. Today’s antifreeze – coolant not only protects from freezing in the winter months, but also helps protect diesel engines from common cavitation issues.

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How does 8N hydraulic pump work?

The 8N hydraulic system is simple yet elegant and works great when properly adjusted and maintained. It consists of a pto driven piston type pump with internal control valves and a lift cylinder connected to the rear lift arms. The control lever and quadrant moves the valve spools on the pump to control the lift.

What kind of hydraulic fluid does a 2000 Ford tractor use?

Best choice is to use an oil of type UTF (Universal Tractor Fluid ) or UTTO (Universal Tractor Transmission Oil ). You use these types both for transmission and rear axle ( hydraulics ). Most brands have them. By the way, you need 12.5 Litres for the trans and 24 Litres for the rear axle.

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