Often asked: What Is The Value Of 1970 Ford 4000 Tractor?

Is a Ford 4000 a good tractor?

A ford 4000 is an excellent fit for you, but all the troubles this tractor has are disturbing. I get the impression that he hasn’t taken good care of this tractor or perhaps it has been sitting for a while, maybe he’s fixing it up for sale.

What years were Ford 4000 tractors built?

The Ford 4000 tractor was produced between 1965 and 1975. They were built at Ford’s production facility in Highland Park, Mich., and were designed for agricultural use.

How many horsepower is a 4000 Ford diesel?

Ford 4000 Utility tractor is equipped with Ford diesel 3-cylinder liquid-cooled engine, which delivers 55 hp ( 41.0 kW) power.

How much does a 1970 Ford 4000 weigh?

Ford 4000

Dimensions & Tires
Wheelbase: 84.5 inches 214 cm
Weight: 4,885 lbs 2215 kg
Front tire: 6.00-16
Rear tire: 12.4-38

Are Ford tractors any good?

In my experience they were good, reliable tractors as long as you didn’t use the dual power too much. In my opinion the dual power was about like the TA on the IH tractors. It was good when it worked but expensive to fix when it didn’t.

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What HP is a Ford 3000 tractor?

Ford 3000 features a water-cooled motor and 3-cylinder OHV. The engine of this tractor is capable of producing 37 horsepower. You can get this tractor with built-in 158 cubic inches gas and 175 cubic inches diesel engine.

How heavy is a Ford 4000 tractor?

Ford 4000

Dimensions & Tires
Wheelbase: 84.5 inches 214 cm
Weight: 3162 to 3502 pounds
Front tire: 6.00×16
Rear tire: 13.6×28

What horsepower is a 5000 Ford tractor?

It has a 4 cylinder Ford diesel engine or gasoline engine that produce 69 horsepower and has two wheel drive and four wheel drive models that weigh up to 9700 pounds. View the Ford 5000 specs below. The Ford 5000 tractor has a category 1 and 2 three point hitch and a claimed pto of 53.09 hp.

How fast is a Ford 4000?

Re: slow Ford 4000 IIRC the 4000 should rev to 2,200 erpm; certainly a lot more than 1700.

How much oil does a 4000 Ford tractor hold?

Ford 4000 Engine

Engine Oil
Oil capacity: 8 qts 7.6 L

What HP is a Ford 4600 tractor?

Ford 4600

Ford 4600 Power:
Engine (gross): 60 hp [44.7 kW]
Engine (net): 56.5 hp [42.1 kW]
PTO (claimed): 52 hp [38.8 kW]
Drawbar (tested): 44.81 hp [33.4 kW]


Is a Ford 2000 tractor gas or diesel?

The four-cylinder unit was a diesel with a 2.4-liter tank, whereas the four-cylinder gasoline machine had a 2.2-liter tank. The original battery was a 6-volt for the gasoline tractor and a 12-volt for the diesel. The one pictured above fits Ford 2000, 3000, and 4000 tractors and comes with a cap.

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Does a Ford 4000 have live PTO?

It does not have a live action PTO, and that is a big detriment. Since all 4000 5 speeds had live PTO, if that tractor is in its original configuration it will have a 2 stage clutch. Without looking it up, that SN coupled with that model should put it as a 1963 model.

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