Often asked: How To Replace Pulley Shaft On Craftsman 42″ Lawn Tractor?

How do you remove a spindle shaft pulley?

Take two bolts and thread them in the two smaller holes. Tighen the bolts slowly and evenly and the pulley will drop down. Then take a small chisel and open up the vertical line in the hub. You may need to use a puller to get the hub off of the shaft, but it will come.

How do you remove a lawn mower spindle?

Changing your lawn tractor spindle is fairly easy. Summary

  1. Remove the spindle cover.
  2. Remove the Spindle nut on top that holds the pulley on.
  3. Lift the Pulley up and over the spindle, set to one side.
  4. Remove the four bolts hilding the spindle on to the mowing deck.
  5. drop the spindle and remove the blade.

How do you remove the spindle key?

Just run your arc on the key and build up a handle with filler metal. Then you can get pliers or a slide hammer on it. Usually the intense heat from the arc will heat the key enough it will loosen for easier removal.

How do you remove a stubborn pulley?

Spray a liberal amount of penetrating oil onto the front and back sides of the pulley hub until they are thoroughly soaked. Spray the pulley retaining bolt and pulley shaft with the oil. Allow about 30 minutes to two hours for the penetrating oil to loosen the rusted pulley and other parts.

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How do I know if my lawn mower spindle is bad?

Similarly to the squealing, if the mower starts to make buzzing noises while mowing your grass, it probably means it has a bad spindle. Likewise, you’ll feel how the mower begins to vibrate out of nowhere. If you’ve checked and changed a stuck wheel or any other part, then you already know it is probably the spindle.

When should I replace my mower spindles?

How to Tell if Mower Deck Spindle is Bad

  1. Signs of a faulty mower deck spindle. Uneven grass after cutting. Bent and broken parts. Squealing sounds. Loud buzzing noise and vibration. Spindle failing to heat up.
  2. Fixing the spindle. Separate the spindle from its mower deck. Replace the spindle bearings. Installing the repaired or new spindle.

How long do mower spindles last?

The maintenance free spindles usually last about 2-3 years in commercial use.

When should I replace my spindle?

Worst case is the hub and wheels leave the vehicle and the spindle hits the ground causing it to bend. In these cases the whole spindle needs to be replaced. If you have more than 1 damaged surface, it means the spindle took some abuse and it would be better to replace the spindle.

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