Often asked: How To Drive A Tractor In Astroneer?

How many trailers can you put on a tractor Astroneer?

Can’t have more than 3 trailers? Clearly can’t connect 4-th trailer to a tractor. Tried in different ways, like having two trailers already connected and connecting another pair to them.

How do you use a buggy Astroneer?

Buggies are the second tier of land Vehicles in Astroneer, and are traditionally used as scout vehicles. Power Cells.

Tier Large
Group Vehicles
Type Scout
Crafted at Medium Printer


How many trailers can a large rover pull Astroneer?

A Large rover is capable of: Pulling 3 loaded large rovers. Pulling 3 loaded medium rovers.

What do I need to build a tractor in Astroneer?

The crafting blueprints for the Tractor are in the Research Catalog.

  1. To build a Tractor will need to learn its blueprints in the Research Catalog.
  2. Besides the blueprint, you need another 2x Aluminum – you need it to build the vehicle.
  3. The last step is to build a Small Printer.

How do you get iron in Astroneer?

Iron is created from a resource called Hematite. You craft it at Smelting Furnace. Upon arrival on the Novus planet take a trip to the nearest cave. You should have no problem finding Hematite because it is a common resource – its appearance has been shown in the image above.

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How do you get copper in Astroneer?

To get copper in Astroneer, you need to smelt malachite via a smelting furnace by putting the material inside it. To get malachite, you will need to travel to either the planets Calidor or Sylva, and dig underground. Once underground, you can find malachite real easy as it can only spawn on these two planets.

How many rovers can you connect Astroneer?

Rovers, except the Buggy, can be connected in trains of up to four rovers.

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