Often asked: How Does Battery Warranty Work At Tractor Supply?

Can you return a battery to Tractor Supply?

We can ‘t wait to see you! Take your purchase back to any Tractor Supply store for an immediate refund or exchange it for something else within 30 days of your original purchase. Please bring your order confirmation and valid I.D. to accurately refund your original purchase price.

How does battery warranty work?

How do pro-rated warranties work? Let’s suppose a battery has a five-year warranty, with the first two years offering free replacement. That means if the battery fails anytime within the first two years of service, it is replaced for free. After those first two years, a pro-rated fee is assessed for the replacement.

What is the lifespan of a tractor battery?

Average lifespan 7-10 years. We use them in everything. Subject: RE: battery lifespan? tractors have moved to electronics like automotive as far as batteries go.

How do I claim a battery warranty?

In the event of any complaint, the battery must be returned untampered & complete to the Company’s Authorised Dealer, Wholesaler or Depot in India along with the Warranty Claim Form. Delivery of the replaced/rectified/discounted battery will be F.O.R. to the same point.

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Does Tractor Supply have a 30 day price guarantee?

Tractor Supply will match any competitor’s online or in-store price on any identical item, except the following: Products shipped from or sold by third-party or Marketplace sellers on websites (Examples: eBay, Amazon Marketplace)

What can you do with old tractor batteries?

Your lawn tractor battery is probably a lead-acid battery, like the type found in a car. Take the battery to a hazardous waste disposal facility, or bring it back to your retailer for recycling/disposal.

Is battery covered under GMC warranty?

The battery that comes with a GM vehicle or is replaced under warranty is covered by the limited warranty of three years or 36,000 miles (48 months/4 years or 50,000 miles, whichever comes first, for Cadillac, Buick and HUMMER) and should be taken back to the GM dealership.

Is a dead battery covered under warranty?

Batteries: Most automakers will cover regular 12-volt batteries under the bumper-to-bumper warranty in cases where the battery is defective. If the battery is drained and you have roadside-assistance coverage, most automakers will send someone out to give you a jump start.

Do I need a receipt for car battery warranty?

If the battery tests bad, and it is within the warranty period, it will be exchanged. Without a receipt the start of the warranty period is determined by the date of manufacture which is printed on a small round sticker on top of the battery. Absent that sticker, no exchange.

When should I replace my tractor battery?

Battery Problems Considering lawn mowers tend to sit for months during the wintertime, it’s normal to expect a lawn mower battery to last three or four years. If you’ve confirmed with your DMM that the battery and connections are weak, then it’s likely time for a new lawn mower battery.

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Which battery is best for tractor?

An Exide tractor battery is designed to enhance the tractor’s performance while operating in extreme conditions and all types of terrains. This results in an improvement in its overall productivity.

How long do John Deere tractor batteries last?

3 years about average.

How do I check my battery warranty?

The warranty date code is located on the top label of the battery. The first character is either a P or S. The next two digits determine the month, the third digit is year and the fourth digit indicates the manufacturing plant.

How can I check my battery warranty online?

Register your Exide Battery /HUPS online and view your Battery /HUPS warranty details anytime, anywhere!

  1. Register Your Battery.
  2. Register Your Home UPS.
  3. View Registered Batteries /HUPS.

How do I claim my Amco Battery Warranty?

Register my amco A quick registration goes a long way in helping us serve you better and faster. Kindly register using your mobile number to claim your promised Guarantee on amco batteries.

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