Often asked: Destiny 2 What Was The Tractor Cannon Designed For?

What does the tractor cannon do?

Tractor Cannon perks Increase range, decreases handling speed, and moderately control recoil. Slightly increases stability and handling speed.

What is Tractor Cannon Destiny 2?

Tractor Cannon is an exotic Shotgun in Destiny 2. It has the unusual property of having low damage for a Shotgun, but incredible knockback.

How good is the tractor Cannon Destiny 2?

The stats on Tractor Cannon are as follows; 84 Rounds Per Minute, Impact of 65, Range of 19, Stability of 82, Magazine of 4, Reload Speed of 24, and Handling of 46. This is the fun factor of Tractor Cannon, and while it means it’s not the best Exotic Shotgun, it certainly makes it the most interesting.

What is the hardest exotic to get in Destiny 2?

Divinity is the hardest quest I’ve personally completed. It took 14 hours in the raid to finally beat the boss.

How long does the tractor Cannon debuff last?

A full fireteam using Void mods on their weapons will deal tremendous damage with a Tractor Cannon debuff active, let-alone that AND a Shadowshot. Throw in an empowering rift for even more joy. EDIT: Both debuffs last for exactly 10 seconds.

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Did tractor Cannon get nerfed?

This also comes with nerfs to specific skills, like how players will now only share half the damage boost of a Hunter tether, or how Tractor Cannon is now just a flat 30% damage increase rather than 50% for void, or Titan’s Hammer Strikes is also cut from a 50% to 30% debuff as well.

Is XUR at the Tower?

As of May 7, 2021, you can find Xur in the Tower hangar, on the north side of the map. 2

Does tractor Cannon stack with well of radiance?

Tractor Cannon went from a silly weapon to an essential weapon over the course of Destiny 2’s first year. All buffs in Destiny 2 stack except for Empowering Rift and Well of Radiance, which are similar abilities for the same class.

Does tractor Cannon stack with tether?

Debuffs no longer stack in D2 So tractor cannon wouldn’t stack with tether. For instance melting point and tether don’t stack.

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