How Does Tractor Tire Size Work?

What do tractor TYRE sizes mean?

The first number(16.9) represents the tire width sidewall to sidewall in inches. The second number(30) represents the rim diameter in inches.

How tall is a 11.2 24 tractor tire?

Additional information

Weight 72 lbs
Dimensions 44 × 12 × 44 in
Height /Ratio 43.4
Rim Diameter 24
Width 11.2

What do the 3 numbers mean on tire size?

B: TIRE WIDTH The three -digit number following the letter is the tire’s width (from side to side, looking at the tire head on) in millimeters. It’s the height of the sidewall measured from wheel rim to top of the tread, expressed as a percentage of tire width. In other words, it’s sidewall height divided by tire width.

What does 4.80-8 mean on a tire?

The numbers 4.80/4.00-8 read like this: 4.80″ is the tire width, 4.00″ is the tire section height (from the inside of the donut hole to the outside) and the 8″ is the wheel diameter. Finally, the numbers 4.80-8 read like this: 4.80″ is the tire width and “8 is the wheel diameter.

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What is the difference between R1 and R2 tractor tires?

R1 is a standard tread and is used primarily for general dry-land farming. These tires have the shortest lug height and the narrowest spacing between lugs. R1W is a wet traction tread for wet, sticky soil conditions. R2 tires also have the widest spacing between lugs to allow mud to shed easier.

Is tire size the same as rim size?

Wheels and tires are not interchangeable words. Tires are a part of the wheel setup. For instance, your vehicle has a set size of rims, but you can buy different sizes of tires to fit those rims, as long as the middle of the tires is the correct size.

How tall is a 9.5 x24 tractor tire?

Carlisle Farm Specialist R-1 Tractor Tire – 9.5-24

Size 9.5-24
Tread Depth 24 Millimeters
Rim Size 24 Inches
Speed Rating L
Tire Diameter 41.26 inches

How much does a 44 BKT weight?

Weight: 89 Lbs.

Can I use 235 tires instead of 225?

Yesthat size will work 100% perfectly, as it is the exact same diameter as the 225 /75-16. 235 /70-16 is actually a shorter tire.

Are wider tires better?

Larger tires improve handling and cornering, due to wider tread faces and stiffer sidewalls. Wider tires may decrease braking distances on dry pavement. Wider tires may also increase acceleration, especially in very powerful vehicles such as muscle cars.

Can I use 215 tires instead of 205?

Nope. The nominal diameter of the 215’s is 1.7% greater than that of the 205’s. The sidewall height is a percentage of the width of the tire, so a 55 series is taller with a wider tire.

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What size tire is a 4.10 3.50 4?

4.10/3.50-4″ Flat Free Tire

Tire Type Flat Free
Tire Diameter 10.3″
Tire Width 3.3″
Load Capacity 300 lbs
Weight 4 lbs

How tall is a 4.80 8 tire?

The 4.80 x 8 tire size like the Kenda K371 Bias Trailer Tire, part # AM10004, is 16.1 inches tall and the overall width is 4.6 inches.

What does 3.50 8 mean on a TYRE?

8″ is your, and my, rim size. This tube is for a rim (metal part of a wheel) which has a diameter of 8″, thus we are OK so far. In our cases, 3.50 refers to tire width and in this nomenclature case (” 3.50 – 8 “) 3.50 is also the distance from tire edge to the rim (or the sidewall distance).

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