How Do You Get A Mobile Tractor Unit Back Into A Full Cargo Hold. Keeps Picking Up Jet Can?

How long does an MTU stay in space?

Deployment time is only 10 seconds, and the MTU will last 2 days in space before despawning. The MTU is only accessible by its owner. When destroyed it drops partial loot the same way a destroyed ship does.

How long does a cargo container last Eve?

This cargo container has a life span of 1.5 hours, give or take. The beauty of this cargo container is that is can hold up to 27500 m3, which is a whole lot of ore. So once you’ve jettison your ore, find the container that is floating in space next to your ship. Right click it and choose open cargo.

How do I scan MTU?

Click the “ down ” arrow once and then click Scan. Repeat this until you find the point where the MTU disappears. We will say the MTU disappeared at 7.0 AU but was still visible at 7.1 AU, we now know our MTU is between 7.0 AU and 7.1 AU from us.

How do you anchor containers in EVE?

Here is how they work (if you haven’t found out yet).

  1. You “Launch for Self” when in space.
  2. Right-click > Anchor (will take a little time)
  3. Right-click > Set Password, now it’s secure.
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How do you use mobile Depot?

Using Mobile Depots (tips and tricks)

  1. They are pretty easy to scan down – similar to a battleship or industrial ship.
  2. They have a 60 second activation timer before you can use the fitting service.
  3. They show up on D-scan.
  4. A 500dps combat ship can put them in “reinforced” mode in about 10 seconds.
  5. Once reinforced, they have a 2-day invulnerability timer.

How long do jet cans last?

How long does a jet can last? Reliably for 60 minutes. After that, it’s possible they could last up to an additional hour.

How big is the eve online download?

Download EVE Online The installer will then extract the full set of resources for EVE from that file into the shared cache. Please have in mind that this file can be +7GB large. This might be useful for players who wish to download the game on a different network connection from the one they play on.

How long do cans last Eve?

The container can not be scooped to the cargo hold and only lasts about two hours in space, since technically it counts as space debris for the game engine – like ship wrecks.

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