Farming Simulator 17 Why Use One Tractor Over Another?

What is the best tractor in Farming Simulator 17?

If we are talking about all around endgame tractors, then Fendt 939 is the best tractor in the game – high top speed, enough power for any attachment, can change the seat direction. Fahr 9 Series is the second best – everything the same, minus seat position. All others are inferior in terms of top speed or HP.

What is the biggest tractor in Farming Simulator 17?

For the first time in a Farming Simulator game, you will get the chance to drive the monstrous Big Bud 747 tractor – the World’s Largest. Joining it will be its smaller brother, the Big Bud 450, and 12 dedicated pieces of equipment from the likes of Bednar, Great Plains, Grégoire-Besson, Seed Hawk and more.

What is the most profitable crop in Farming Simulator 17?

On average, Canola, Sunflowers, and Soybeans generate roughly as much income as Wheat, Barley, or Corn, but require the least amount of effort to harvest. These are probably the best early (and mid/late) game crops.

What’s the best tractor in Farming Simulator 19?

Fendt 500 Favorit – a light tractor for $76,000. In my opinion, this is the best tractor in this class. You can use it to typical activities and as a “multifunctional vehicle”. This tractor has a rather good speed – you can use it to transport yields to selling points – and has a front loader attacher.

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What is the most expensive vehicle in fs17?

The Challenger MT900E is a Tractor available in Farming Simulator 17. It is the most expensive super-large tractor in the game, and (excluding upgrades) the strongest.

What tractors are in Farming Simulator 19?

Full Tractor List (Farming Simulator 19)

Name (Model Family) Price Power (hp)
Fendt Favorit 515c (Fendt 500 Favorit) 93,500 150
Stara ST MAX 105 (Stara ST MAX 105) 81,000 105
New Holland T5.100 (New Holland T5 Series) 83,000 99


Can you sleep in Farming Simulator 17?

No house or sleeping. You can farm as long as you want.

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