FAQ: Why Do You Have To Rock A Troybuilt Garden Tractor To Start It?

Why is my Troy Bilt riding mower not starting?

If the engine still does not start, check the oil level. If it is low or empty, it could be a sign of internal engine damage. If it’s dirty, replace the air filter with a new one to provide better air flow through the engine. If the engine still does not start, check the spark plug.

Why is my lawn tractor not starting?

Replace the riding mower engine fuel filter A clogged fuel filter won’t allow gas to flow to the carburetor so the engine won’t start. A damaged filter won’t screen impurities from the gasoline, resulting in a clogged carburetor. Replace the engine fuel filter if it’s damaged or clogged.

How do I know if my riding mower starter is bad?

A bad starter can manifest itself in a cranking noise without engine turnover, a clicking when the ignition button is pressed, or a mower that simply does not respond to attempts to start. An indication of a bad starter motor is the absence of other electrical problems that can be more easily tested.

How do you start a riding lawn mower that has been sitting for years?

To get the mower started, you may have to change the gas and clean or change the plug.

  1. Check the oil before you start a four-cycle mower that has been sitting for a long time.
  2. Prime the engine by pushing the priming bulb three times.
  3. Give the spark plug wire a little tug to see if it’s loose.
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Why is my riding lawn mower not getting gas?

The engine can’t get gas if the fuel filter is plugged or the carburetor inlet needle is stuck. Check the fuel filter (if equipped) by removing the fuel line at the carburetor. If you still don’t get any gas, the fuel line is kinked or plugged. And check inside the tank for any debris that might clog the outlet.

Why does my lawn mower backfire and not start?

When backfires occur as your lawnmower idles or as you’re turning off the engine, the most likely problem is that you’re slowing your engine speed too fast. The problem also could be that your mower is overheating; if you suspect this, contact the manufacturer about ways to increase air flow to the engine.

Why does my riding mower clicks when I try to start it?

If your riding lawn mower engine clicks when you turn the key but won’t turn over, there’s a pretty good chance your mower could have a bad starter solenoid. Other problems, though not as frequent, include a bad starter motor, a wiring failure, a weak battery or a locked-up engine.

Can you jump start a lawn mower?

You can jump the mower with the battery in your car or with a portable jump -starter, but you can only use your car battery if your mower has a 12-volt battery. If your mower has a 6-volt battery, and you don’t have a 6-volt jump -starter, your options are to trickle-charge the battery or to buy a new one.

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