FAQ: When Was Model # 917.273770 22 Hp Craftsman Lawn Tractor Made?

What year was my Craftsman mower made?

Use the Craftsman serial number formula to determine your mower’s specific age. For example, if the first six numbers of your model’s serial number are 031398, your mower was manufactured on March 13, 1998.

How do I date my Sears garden tractor?

To find the age of your Craftsman lawn tractor, riding mower or zero-turn mower you will need to use the serial number. It’s usually located on a tag or decal under the seat. Serial Number: The first two numbers are the month. The third and fourth numbers are the day.

When was the craftsman LT2000 made?

Craftsman LT2000 – 2004-2006. Similar to the LT1000, but priced a bit higher, these machines have a few extra desirable features like a slightly higher seat, cast-iron front axle, a little more powerful engine, frequently with full-pressure lubrication and an oil filter, heavy-duty deck, and bigger rear tires.

Are Husqvarna and Craftsman mowers the same?

MTD makes Craftsman lawn, yard, and garden tractors as well as our “professional” walk behind mowers. While the baggers manufactured for Craftsman are interchangeable with Husqvarna machines, the parts that fit Husqvarna vary according to the deck size.

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Who builds Craftsman lawnmowers?

All Craftsman mowers are made by MTD. Craftsman lawn tractors run the price spectrum from rear-drive models priced around $1,300 to fully featured, hydrostatic-drive units that cost more than $2,000. Most Craftsman lawn tractors feature Briggs & Stratton engines, and the 42-inch-deck models are among the most popular.

Who made my Craftsman tractor?

In 2006 Husqvarna changed the name from AYP to the Husqvarna Group. In 2017 the Craftsman tractors with the 917 model number were still made in the U.S. at the Orangeburg plant. For 2018 all Craftsman lawn tractors, yard tractors, and garden tractors will be made by MTD in Ohio.

How do I tell what year my John Deere lawn tractor is?

Locate your serial number in the third column labeled “serial number breaks.” This lists a range of serial numbers. If your serial number falls on or between the two serial numbers listed, you are in the right box. Look to the column to the left to determine the manufacture date of your lawn tractor.

Is the Craftsman T110 a good mower?

The Best Mower Out There! This T110 42-in 17.5 HP Gear Drive Riding Mower is absolutely wonderfull! I was shocked at how simple it was too assemble. It has very comfortable seating and was very easy to operate and makes mowing a breeze.

Is a craftsman lt1000 a good mower?

“We’ve owned this lawnmower for fourteen years, and for those fourteen years, it was a great mower. Unfortunately, though, the engine has developed a problem within the last year and now it just plain doesn’t work. We think it’s a problem with the carburetor, but we’ll see.”

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What is the best used lawn tractor?

In Consumer Reports’ latest survey of 11,217 subscribers, John Deere takes the top prize as the most reliable brand of lawn tractors and among the more reliable zero-turn-radius mowers.

Did Husqvarna buy out craftsman?

In January 2017, the Craftsman brand was sold to Stanley Black & Decker, though Sears retained royalty-free rights to the Craftsman trademark for 15-years to follow. Stanley Black & Decker now owns the Husqvarna Group of Companies.

What is the best craftsman riding mower?

1. Craftsman 20373. Touted as a full-featured lawn tractor that’s ideal for first-time owners, the 20373 is a solid choice for those who want to buy something that’s better-than-basic. Equipped with a Briggs & Stratton engine and a 42” cutting deck, it can be a good choice for the practical homeowner.

Are Craftsman riding lawn mowers any good?

Never will I buy a Craftsman Riding lawnmower again. The Craftsman mower is a good brand of mower. I have had several over the years and they work quite well and are easy to repair. I would highly recommend this mower to anyone that has 1-10 acres to mow.

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