FAQ: What Size Lug Bolt Fits A Massey Ferguson 12 Garden Tractor Rear Wheel?

What size are wheel lugs?

Lug Nut Sizes It is important to match up the lug nut to your specific vehicle. Here are the most common lug nut sizes: 10mm X 1.25. 12mm X 1.25.

How do I know what size lug nuts I need?

You can easily identify your thread size and pitch with a simple thread pitch gauge available at any hardware store, or you can simply take one of your lug nuts to your local hardware store and spin it onto the bolts they have on hand.

Are all wheel bolts the same size?

Lug nuts (or lug bolts ) have one of the most important jobs on a vehicle, to keep your wheels and tires secured to your vehicle. While there is no universal lug nut size, there are fortunately only about ten or so thread sizes and pitches that make up a lug nut’s size. The most common lug nut sizes are: 10mm x 1.25.

Are tractor rims interchangeable?

Almost all of the rims are interchangeable. Not the center bolt pattern but the rims sure are. If you were closer, I’d sell you a set of Kubota rims that would fit on your 1920.

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Is 19mm and 3/4 the same?

19mm = 3/4 inch. 20mm = 25/32 inch. 21mm = just over 13/16 inch. 24mm = just over 15/16 inch.

Can Discount Tire remove wheel locks?

Discount tire will remove the locks for like 5 bucks per rim.

Are locking wheel nuts unique to each car?

Locking wheel nuts are designed to protect your alloy wheels from being easily accessible to thieves. Each set of locking wheel nuts has a unique indent with a key that matches up with the pattern. However, in the event of losing the key, there is a way to remove the locking lug nut.

What size impact wrench do I need to remove lug nuts?

This article deals with ½” drive impact wrenches, although you can buy anything from ¼” to at least 1”, but those extremems are more for commercial use. Either 3/8” or ½” will work just fine on lug nuts, with ½” being more common and powerful and a bit more expensive.

Are lug wrenches Universal?

The universal lug sockets fit both SAE and metric lug nuts to cover virtually every passenger vehicle on the road today. Precision built and affordable, Powerbuilt products meet or exceed ANSI standards.

Do I need different bolts for alloy wheels?

Alloy wheels do use specific nuts and bolts depending on the manufacturer of your car or if you have purchased aftermarket alloys for your car. The most common things for you to check when buying a new set of alloy wheel nuts or bolts is the thread size and seat type.

How long should wheel bolts be?

At the minimum, thread engagement length must be equal to or greater than the diameter of the fastener. In other words, if the stud is 1/2-inch in diameter, the nut must engage onto the stud by at least 1/2-inch. If not, either a longer stud or longer nut must be used.

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Do I need new bolts for alloy wheels?

You are fine and dont need new bolts then as the standard alloys have radius seats anyway.

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