FAQ: What Is The Gang Yummy Tractor Shoot?

What gang was lil yummy in?

Nicknamed “Yummy” because of his love of cookies, standing 137 cm (4 ft 6 in), Sandifer was a young member of the street gang the Black Disciples ( BD ).

Who killed yummy in Chicago?

Sign up to receive “Life Inside” emailed to you every week. In Chicago, late on the night of Aug. 31, 1994, Derrick Hardaway and his brother Cragg took part in the execution of Robert Sandifer, whose nickname was “Yummy.” Cragg, who pulled the trigger, was 16 years old. Derrick, 14, drove the car.

Where is Robert yummy Sandifer buried?

Robert S. “Yummy” Sandifer

Birth 17 Apr 1983 Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, USA
Death 1 Sep 1994 (aged 11) Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, USA
Burial Oakridge-Glen Oak Cemetery Hillside, Cook County, Illinois, USA
Memorial ID 148174326 · View Source

What does yummy mean in slang?

Slang – Yummy. Meaning – Delicious. This expression can be used to describe something that is pleasing to the senses. Yummy can also be used to describe anything that you find extremely attractive or appealing. If you call a man or woman yummy it means you find them attractive.

Who did Lil Yummy killed?

There was a moment when it appeared 11-year-old Robert “Yummy” Sandifer might escape with his life. Standing just 4-foot-6 and weighing only 68 pounds, he was an unlikely triggerman for the Black Disciples street gang and was on the run after killing his 14-year-old neighbor Shavon Dean days earlier.

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Who was Shavon Dean?

Among the dead was 14-year-old Shavon Dean, who shot in the head by a stray bullet during a shooting spree in the city’s Roseland neighborhood that injured two other teens. Chicago police quickly identified 11-year-old Yummy as the gunman. Gang leaders decided Yummy needed to be silenced because he knew too much.

Who killed Tooka?

The triggerman in the Tooka hit was allegedly Odee (O-Dawg) Perry, a Black Disciples enforcer. Less than a year later, Perry was killed in August 2011, allegedly by female Gangster Disciples lieutenant, Gakirah (Snoop) Barnes.

Who did Gakirah Barnes killed?

Barnes changed her Facebook name to ‘Tookaville’ kirah’. Eight months later, a 20-year-old opposing gang member named Odee Perry was shot and killed. Barnes was almost immediately linked to the death, with online postings labeling her the ‘hitta’.

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