FAQ: Satisfactory How To Load Tractor?

How does the tractor work in satisfactory?

The Tractor (aka “The Sugar-Cube”) is a small, wheeled vehicle which can be either driven by the pioneer or automated. It is an early game vehicle and the first (off-road) vehicle the pioneer has access to. It has 25 slots of storage space.

Power Usage 55 MW


How do you load and unload satisfactory?

Loading and unloading options can be set inside the building. Snaps to other Platforms and Stations. Needs to be connected to a powered Railway to function. Freight Cars that stop at the Freight Platform will be loaded or unloaded by the Freight Platform.

How do you drive a truck in satisfactory?

The Self- driving menu for a wheeled vehicle. Tractors, Explorers, Trucks, Cyber Wagons and Factory Carts can either be driven by the engineer or automated using the vehicle menu (holding V while driving ) and recording a path.

How do you make coal satisfactory?

Coal can be harvested by hand (default E ) in trace amounts from resource deposits scattered across the world, or from inexhaustible resource nodes on which Miners can be constructed to extract automatically. Additonally, Lizard Doggos will ocassionally bring it when tamed.

How does autopilot work satisfactory?

Each vehicle can have its own route designed by the player. You can turn on the autopilot (1), but as long as the vehicle has no route, it will not be driven anywhere. If you turn on the recording option (2), the vehicle will remember the route you are driving along and then try to play it back.

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Are trucks useful in satisfactory?

The Truck (aka “The Unit”) is a 6-wheeled vehicle which can be used to transport large amounts of cargo on land. It can be either driven by the pioneer or automated. It has a higher maximum speed and twice the storage capacity compared to the Tractor, and can ford deeper water without getting stuck.

How many vehicles are in satisfactory?

There are 6 vehicles that engineers can use to travel and transport items: Tractors, Explorers, Trucks, Cyber Wagons, Factory Carts and Trains. There is no cap on the number of vehicles in the world. Engineers and all living creatures can be run over by vehicles, dealing no damage to the target.

How do truck stops work satisfactory?

The Truck Station is a vehicle building used to automatically move cargo to /from motor vehicles and refuel them. It is mostly used paired with automated vehicle routes, although it can operate standalone, such as for the purposes of quick refueling.

Truck Station
Height 12 m
Required items
15 20 50


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