FAQ: How To Turn Off Tractor Satisfactory?

How do you turn off a tractor?

5. To stop the tractor just apply the brakes and quickly shut off the engine. Before starting the engine remember to:

  1. Place the gearshift lever in “neutral” or “park.”
  2. Place all hydraulic controls in neutral.
  3. Disengage the PTO.
  4. Apply the brakes.
  5. Depress the clutch pedal.

How do you get out of a tractor in satisfactory?

Piloting. Pioneers can enter or exit vehicles by interacting E with it from any angle other than the rear side.

How does the tractor work in satisfactory?

The Tractor (aka “The Sugar-Cube”) is a small, wheeled vehicle which can be either driven by the pioneer or automated. It is an early game vehicle and the first (off-road) vehicle the pioneer has access to. It has 25 slots of storage space.

Power Usage 55 MW


How do you turn off a diesel tractor?

The only way to kill a running diesel engine is to cut the fuel supply. There should be a manual fuel shut – off lever beneath the engine. Reach underneath with your hand and pull it out, or push it in, depending on your tractor. This will physically shut off the fuel.

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How does a tractor start?

Starting the Tractor

  1. Place the gearshift lever in neutral or park.
  2. Place all hydraulic controls in neutral.
  3. Disengage the power-take-off (PTO).
  4. Apply the brakes.
  5. Depress the clutch pedal.

Where can I build satisfactory vehicles?

If you want to create a fixed route, you must first build a Truck Station. This is a building that will automatically unload or load each vehicle. Just drive up to the crane and the building will start to load or retrieve the goods that are in the equipment itself.

How do truck stations use satisfactory?

In order for loading to occur, the Truck Station has to be powered and the vehicle has to be within the building hitbox of the Station. Power will be consumed while any vehicle is in range, even while no items are being moved.

How do you make fuel for a tractor satisfactory?

If it’s not, Fuel is obtained by refining Crude Oil in the Oil Refinery. Once you’ve made sure that you’ve Fuel in your tank, interact with the Satisfactory Tractor from any point other than its back to jump in. Make sure you handbrake isn’t active by pressing the Spacebar and you should be ready to go.

How do you make coal satisfactory?

Coal can be harvested by hand (default E ) in trace amounts from resource deposits scattered across the world, or from inexhaustible resource nodes on which Miners can be constructed to extract automatically. Additonally, Lizard Doggos will ocassionally bring it when tamed.

How do you unlock Explorer satisfactory?

Being an early game vehicle, the tractor is ideal for automated transportation of items before gaining access to the truck. It also has an integrated Workbench at the rear. The Explorer is an all-terrain vehicle unlocked through the M.A.M. Quartz research.

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How do you get the cyber wagon in satisfactory?

To unlock the Cyber Wagon, players will need to feed a single Coupon through their AWESOME Sink. Once they have built their AWESOME Sink, including the update that creates bins to put items through the conveyor belt, they’ll need to place the coupon into the bin and send it through the machine.

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