FAQ: How To Make The Tractor Mod Plow Bigger Areas Stardew Valley?

How do I increase the tractor range on Stardew Valley?

Edit the config. json in the tractor mod folder. You can change the tractor radius (keeping in mind that it’s a radius out from the center tile so the total width is 2xradius + 1; i.e., radius 2 is a 5×5 area), speed, which tools do what, etc. It’s really handy.

Is tractor mod compatible with Stardew Valley expanded?

Farm Expansion: compatible, but do not build the garage in the expansion area. You can use the tractor there, but make sure not to leave it there overnight. Save Anywhere: not compatible. That mod bypasses SMAPI’s save events, so this mod (and many others) can’t correctly remove its custom data before save.

How do you mod Stardewvalley?

Getting started

  1. Install SMAPI. First you’ll need to install the mod loader, SMAPI.
  2. Find mods. Next you can download the mods you want.
  3. Find your game folder. Next you’ll need to open your game folder (the one containing Stardew Valley’s.exe file).
  4. Install mods.
  5. Configure mods.
  6. Update mods.
  7. Remove mods.
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Does Stardew Valley have a tractor?

If there’s one feature Danley could add to Stardew Valley it’d be tractors. Getting tractors is one of the best Stardew Valley mods available making planting seeds, watering seeds, and collecting your crops a lot easier. It’s currently autumn at Danley’s farm and that means the farming year is drawing to an end.

Is there a tractor in Stardew Valley Mobile?

Adds an app for the Tractor for Mobile Phone! Requires SMAPI, Tractor Mod, and Mobile Phone to be installed. Nexus requirements.

Mod name Notes
Mobile Phone
SMAPI – Stardew Modding API Required for everything. 3.7.2 or higher
Tractor Mod 4.11.2 or higher

Do mods slow down Stardew?

This mod lets you control the flow of time in the game: speed it up, slow it down, or freeze it altogether. This can happen automatically or when you press a key in the game. Install the latest version of SMAPI. Unzip the mod folder into Stardew Valley/ Mods.

Is Nexusmods safe?

Nexus Mods is indeed safe. It’s used by pretty much anyone who wants to mod Bethesda games. Skyrim mods are especially popular over there, with over a billion total downloads. It’s the ONLY place you should be getting your mods from.

Is Smapi safe?

SMAPI triggers some antivirus because it modifies the function of an existing program (the game) while that program runs. If you DL’d from Nexus it should be safe. If you want to test a different DL you can try the smapi.io site, but either should be completely safe.

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Are there cheats for Stardew Valley?

By far the best way to enable all sorts of cheats in your Stardew Valley game is using two specific mods: the CJB Cheats Menu, and the CJB Item Spawner. To install them both, you’ll first need to download and install another mod (don’t panic) called SMAPI.

How do I open the Cjb cheat menu?

Press P on your keyboard to open the menu. (If you play on an Android phone, see use key bindings on Android.) This only works if you loaded a save, and no in-game menu is shown.

What are the best Stardew Valley mods?

  • What are the best Stardew Valley mods? Right then, let’s get onto the good stuff – the mods themselves.
  • Perks for married life.
  • Seasonal Japanese buildings.
  • Grumpy cat retexture.
  • Slime Animals.
  • Redesigned Spouse Rooms.

How do I get a truck in Stardew Valley?

This path will bring you around town, up across the bridge to JojaMart, and ultimately to a truck parked beside JojaMart. Interacting with the truck will allow you to speak to a truck driver who requests a Rabbit’s Foot.

Special Charm
Source: Secret Note #20
Sell Price: Cannot be sold


Can you mod Stardew Valley on switch?

The Nintendo Switch is very locked-down and requires jailbreaking to modify Stardew Valley at all, and even if you do that very legally dubious thing you ‘d only be able to use some very simple file-replacement mods that directly replace the game files; most mods of this type are broken, and they are inherently

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